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Bad Drugs

Started by 931411690264795... on 10/09/2015 9:15am

So I have discovered that a bad drug could be the cause for such severe pain in my back shoulders and legs. So I have very high blood pressure and was prescribed two meds to control it. I already had back issues stemming from an injury last year but once I started these meds it got so bad that I could not walk in the evening. I was stuck in a recliner and still had no pain relief. I was given muscle relaxers and pain meds but they didn't touch it. I wanted to die, I literally wanted to start hacking off body parts. I already have bipolar and this made it so bad I didn't want to go out in public when I had to I felt like people where judging me for using the little motorized carts in stores and laughing at my hunched position when I walked. I went to the ER and was treated like a drug seeker even though I know they didn't find any drugs in my system besides what I was prescribed and very little of that as I was given 90 on the 16 of September and still have more than half left. Anyway after the humiliation and abuse of the ER visit I decided I had better try to figure this thing out on my own. Being bipolar I have to make notes to remember thing like take this med at this time so I went back and found days when I didn't write it down and then noticed that on those days I still had pain but I didn't want to lop off any limbs I was hurting but able to deal with it until bed time so I stopped taking those meds and though it's only been three days I haven't wished for death. Even though I know I will face pain I don't have to crawl to the bathroom. I'm crying right now but not with despair but with gladness that I've found some relief and now have hope again that I can one day dance with my children again. Mt point check your medication side effects, get second opinions don't give up on yourself if you have youve lost half the battle.The Human Being is not a frail wretch at the mercy of fate. Shakyamuni insisted that to change oneself is to change the future on a vast scale.the goal is neither escape from reality nor passive acceptance. It is to live strongly, proactively, in such a way as to refine one's own life and reform society through a constant exchange between the outside world and the individual's inner world. -Nichiren


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