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Back in leg pain

Started by augustino on 10/24/2015 10:49pm

I have had numerous doctors appointments and I can't seem to get any kind of help I have pain in my back across my buttocks down both legs to my feet at this time I am on workers' comp but in October 29 I have a no other hearing with workers' comp two decide if we are going to settle or not my question is I have had pain in my back since I got hurt in October 9 2011 two date I've had surgery for a rusher desk to cure the pain going down my lack a Dr. Said that it might come back or not I've had numerous shots and numerous medication the only medication that help me was the Hydrocodone 10 mg they have taken the office of the medication they keep trying to find other things that will not work I've had seen a spine surge pain management and have had an psychological evaluation and that was just to see if I was a drug addicts that I'm not I am on workers' comp and I'm having a hard time for doctors in my area to deal with where I live we've have had doctors in trouble dealing with medication and now it is tougher for me to get any kind medication I have been turned down for a pain pump in any other time medication I can't even get a Dr. To reevaluate me and look deeper to the problem I can't sleep I had pains in my legs from the middle of my back where I had had surgery right side of my back across my buttocks and down both legs to my feet I'm up all hours of the day I can set very long lay down or Stan for a period of time so regardless if workers comp settles out I will pay out of my pockets I just need some help or suggestions or I can go or what I can do it, my name is Augustino pignanelli my phone number is area code 304 584 4461 and I am begging some one please give me some information thank you

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I know how you feel! Doctors think they know how you feel but dont! I had to resign from my job of 20 plus years because of two failed back surgery's! Just don't stop looking and hoping to find the answer to your pain! I have been looking for 6 yrs for the right doctor. I had a very good doctor for my pain in NJ! But I couldn't live on my ss disability in NJ. I'm down south in GA now looking for a good pain doctor. Doctors don't know what we feel like from pain! I loose so much sleep because of pain! The best pain med I was on is opana. I felt a lot better and could function on it. But since I moved my insurance wasn't good here! Obama lied my insurance was not good every where like he said the Obama care would be! Opana costs $450 with my new insurance I can't afford it. If you can try opana it works and I didn't loose any sleep!! Just don't give up!! Things will get better! I'm hoping the new pain management center I started this week is the answer! But they want to start like I never had any treatment for pain before! I wish you luck and hang in don't GIVE UP HOPE!!!