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Arthritis and degenerative lower discs

Started by Steve the boat on 12/18/2015 10:38am

Hi I have just been diagnosed with arthritis in my base joint advanced. Also refusal of any operation because there is a 60/40 chance of working. Nobody as in surgeon will attempt to repair. I am on high does of meds but the pain is dreadful most days Isleep and can hardly move. Is there anything out there I can do to improve my health. I have been married for one year and live on a narrow boat with my wife. Who works and looks after me. Would prednisone help me? I have only heard of this today anyone infirm me about it or suggestions how to cope. I feel deeply disappointed that they will not operate. I have attended Guys St Thomas hospital for a month pain clinic no change :(

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Hi Steve.. I'm sincerely sorry you are in so much pain. Have your tried physical therapy? It's not a cure all but they teach you how to do exercises for your particular condition. I don't know about Prednisone but maybe others do.

Have you had a second and third opinion? Sometimes that helps so that you can make an informed decision about surgery. I wish the best for you!


I'm not a doctor. I have been on medrol packs which work every time to calm down my flare ups. Recently I went to a surgeon who also refuses to do surgery on my lower back,same issues as you. He prescribed 18 pills to tirade down and after the 2nd day of 3pills,I feel a lot less pain. I still have the sore pain as well as the other painful issues. But I swear that it helps. May be you can give it a try. It does have it's side effects, but I feel they work.