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Agonizing pain nine years after discectomy

Started by 735971773204499... on 01/07/2016 8:05pm

I had a discectomy in 2006 about three months ago I started getting the worst pasin I have ever felt in my life going from my back down through my butt cheek extending the whole way down the back of my left leg.my MRI shows scar tissue and the disc between l5 and s1 being almost completely gone. I've never felt pain like this and still have not gotten a clear answer to what's causing the pain.I'm at a loss here I thought scar tissue would of created pain much before the nine yes it has been. Any ideas what could be causing the this types of pain and why it took so long to start or what I can do to help the pain. I can not sit stand or lay in any position for too long I can not raise my leg very high or extend it very far without excruciating pain any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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What kind of pain is it? Is it a tingling in the legs and sharp pain in the butt cheek and lower back? That is what I had that my laminectomy to help address, which it did for about 8 months. My issue ended up being caused by I had a herniated discs that was crushing my sciatic nerve, which impacted everything from my back down to my left toe.


I am sorry or all this trouble coming back after all these years later. Did they fuse the S1 and L5 together? Sounds like all the disc material leaked out, and you are bone on bone. The pain is in your leg is your sciatic nerve. It wraps around your waist through your butt, and down your leg in the swing swing over to the front of your foot,and eventually going to your toe or toes, heal and bottom o foot. It is the largest nerve in your body. You need a current MRI< contract your doctor,r and sad to say you get some temporary relieve by getting some shots and pills ..then maybe a repeat surgery...Sorry I had surgery for L5S1 and my pain got a little better in my back, but I still have the nerve pain like you are right now. I just wish it would stop!