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Fusion Advice

Started by Danny80 on 01/08/2016 11:30am

Over the past 5 years, I have been dealing with back pain that originated with a massive L5-S1 disc extrusion that caused stenosis and impacted my L5 nerve root. I underwent a laminontomy back in April of 2013. That seemed to help for about 6 months. Ever since then, I have been dealing with the pain from my toes to my mid-back, which has greatly impacted my sleep as the tingling throughout my left leg doesn't stop. My last MRI showed additional annular tears at my L4 and L5 along with degenerative disc. I seem to only be functional on my meds, although they still don't seem to help me sleep.

The last time I spoke with my doctors (family, pain mgmt and surgeon), I was told that a fusion might be my only option as PT and injections haven't been working. I am concerned with being on the meds for the past 5 years, especial the percocet and cyclobenzaprine. I hate the way they make me feel, especially since I don't think they really are working anymore.

I am 35 and I do have a 5 year old son and it kills me that it has impacted my ability to interact with him the way a dad should. I can get on the flour to play with him no problem, but getting up is and moving afterward is a whole other issue. I am at the point where I need to brace myself if cough or sneeze, .otherwise I will double over in pain, although I still can avoid the pain. Being a severe asthmatic, I can't avoid the coughing...especially in the fall and winter.

Over the next month, I am seeing my doctors and I am debating on going through with the fusion. My family doesn't seem to understand what I am going through. If anyone has had a fusion recently, I would love to get your thought. I am rather nervous to go through something like that without talking to people that have had one.


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