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spine and neck fusion, S1-L3, C3-7. with other symptoms

Started by 447348695474429... on 01/13/2016 6:22pm

I have a long list of problems in my neck and back. I'm supposted to have my back fussed from S1-L3 and my neck from C3-7. I have multi level DDD, Spondylosis, Facet diease associated with grade 1 degenerative anterolisthesis @l5-s1 minor retrolisthesis l2-l3, aquired formaminal stenosis l4-5 l5-s1,.
4 bulging disc's, a fragment is present, forminal stenoses, posterolateralsuperior grade 1 disk extrusion and grade 1 anterolisthesis with moderate bilateral FS.
My neck is no better, Mild central disco osteophytic protrusion seen at C2-C3, mild to moderate hypertrophic facet disease on left. Central focal mild to moderate disc osteophytic protrusion at C3-C4 with mild mass effect upon the dural sac. Borderline sized spinal canal. And repeating similarities to C7.
At C7-T1 mild annular disc osteophytic buldg is seen,
In dealing with this and not being able to work, or enjoy life I have Major Depression and as recently as September 2015 I started getting Really bad panic attacks, and social anxiety.
I have a neck twitching and my shoulders and left arm move without me wanting them to. Involuntary spasams. I was doing some research on tramadol and other message my Dr's have mentioned before, and I came upon Cervical Distonia, and I have all of the same signs .
Please help, I know my panic and anxiety attacks are because of my medical issues and it is effective on my mind.

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