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T12 to S1 XLIF Spinal Surgery

Started by 102074450256205... on 01/19/2016 9:06am

I have looked through this community, and I am having a hard time finding anyone with comparable surgery to mine.. I struggled for years with pain management control, and finally decided to jump into these deep waters. I had my surgery on October 5th, 2015. I had a very hard time getting my pain under control. I think probably part of the reason is the fact that prior to this surgery, I had two cervical fusion surgeries , front and rear at C4-C6. The second of those two left me with permanent severe pain and sensory issues in my left arm and hand, CRPS II in my upper body. Also in January 2015, I had to have a major fusion in my right foot. It was the third major surgery that I had to repair the results of a crushed right foot complicated by a severe Lisfranc fracture and dislocation.

Sorry to drag that out, but I have a complicated pain history, I believe started with my brief time as an Army parachutist. A few years ago I had pain relief pump implanted in my abdomen to help me gain pain relief from my neck surgeries. I started with using Prialt, but it ended up that I could not tolerate a daily dose rate high enough to gain clinical relief. So then I was given a mixture of prialt and dilauded, and now only dilauded is in the pump.

So now it's been about 3 1/2 months post op, and the jury is still out as to whether the surgery is working. I decided to have the surgery after years of suffering high level of pain. When I saw my surgeon for the first time, he told me that from the X-rays it looked like I had segmental instability at all six levels, herniation at three disks, and scoliosis through out my lumbar region. So now, I try to do a little work for my job and thank God that I have a great boss that has kept me on the payroll since my surgery and even came to visit me in the hospital. Now my post-op pain is significant, making nearly every function of daily living very painful. It's hard to get out of bed, get into bed, walk, or sit. I do continue to take pain meds, but I have been able to cut back the amount of pain meds I am taking, but I think that is more out sheer willpower rather than the fact that my levels are less. They aren't, and my pain from my waist through my hips to the outside of my legs is really bad. And of course I am still dealing with significant pain in my right foot from the collective damage in the foot.

So I have lingered on, and could share much more. Thank you if you are still reading. Is there any other folks out there that have gone through this type of lumbar surgery. I would sure like to communicate with you. Right now I think that I am the only guy in a boat rowing in the Atlantic Ocean far out at sea.

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What was the outcome to your surgery from 2008?when when u woke up with severe arm pain? This just happened to my husband and his doctor doesn't know why his right arm is in excruciating pain from c456 disectomy. ?