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Burning pain post op 2 1/2 months

Started by wendiann on 01/19/2016 7:30pm

OK, I know we all have pain post op and it takes what seems forever to go away, but this is a new burning pain where I never had pain before.
My surgery was on October 30th, 2015. It was a Lumbar decompression with instrumentation levels L4-S1. I was at a grade 3 spondylolithesis (19mm) and they were able to bring me back to a grade 1. They had to create a disc L5-S1 using my own bone which they took from the back of my iliac crest. I also had/still have a neuro stimulator implanted in that area, which I was told they didn't have to mess with during surgery. But they were really close to the battery pack in my a$$ when they harvested bone.
Surgery went very well and I'm new to this kind of post op, being that it could take a year to be completely healed. I had/and still have pain in new places that I never had before and I have been dealing with this back pain crap for 10 years. I know it doesn't just go away and will take time and nerves were impinged for many years and are now free to do their job if they aren't already dead.

I want to know if someone else gets that burning pain in the spot where they harvested bone. And especially if someone else has a neuro stimulator still after surgery where bone was also harvested.

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but it almost has the feel of battery acid burning skin. It's probably the nerves finally trying to reconnect after being severed. But 2 1/2 months after surgery?

Someone please tell me that they've been through this post op stuff and give me some advise!!! I can't even think about exercises until after my check up next month and I'm gonna ask for physical therapy because I still gimp when I walk more than 10 steps.


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