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Microdiscectomy post op

Started by 102071200244726... on 02/01/2016 1:56am

I went in for a microdiscectomy on the L5/S1 vertebrae. I had the surgery on August 7 2015. After surgery I felt great and not bad on the next day, Saturday. Sunday however was not good. As I was bending at the waist to sit in my recliner, my legs gave out and I fell to the floor. Could not move, in excruciating pain. I'm 225 lbs and my wife couldn't pick me up. The fire department responded and took me back to the ER via ambulance . My Dr arrived and said "can't imagine why your in so much pain" I was sure hoping that he could. Had another MRI and 2 days later was back in pre op for another surgery, 2nd in 5 days. After the second surgery, I was held for 4 days in the hospital for whatever reason "observation". Almost immediately I was experiencing pretty good pain in my calf mostly, but down from my lower back to my toes. I assumed that it was because I just had surgery, give it time. It's now 5 months later and I still can't feel the last toe or outside of foot including the heel. The pain that is still present I my lumbar area and down my right leg is as bad as it has ever been. I can't sleep, at least until I'm exhausted and finally pass out just after the day breaks. I finally was able to get back in to see someone at the surgeon's office. I only say that because my actual surgeon hasn't seen me since the 2nd surgery. That 2nd surgery was when they went back in to remove the disk fragments from the 1st surgery that were left behind. I realize this is just my account of my experience having this procedure. Has any body out there had anything similar happen along with this surgery? I'm still dealing with can't get comfortable most of the time sitting, standing or lying down. I'm currently not taking any Tylenol or ibuprofen due to allergies. No other medication has been prescribed. Anyone have an experience remotely similar that has had a happier ending?
Thanks very much

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