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Back Pain and No support. Making me super Depressed!

Started by Slamdunc5 on 02/02/2016 9:34pm

Hello all. Figured I would try this place out. Well I reherniated my back again. Going to be having my 3rd back surgery on l4-l5, this time a fusion(i m 30). Been out of work for over a month , in pain almost all the time and then to top it off I had family members telling me I was faking it. I have no friends and live in my parents basement and I m 30. I m constantly made to feel like shit by my parent's because I m broke and have to borrow money to just put gas in my car to go to doctor or get my meds filled. My mom doesn't get why I m not working, besides being physically unable to, I have a workers comp claim waiting a decision on. But she feels the need to tell me I am worthless everyday and my dad is just a plain asshole to me. The only two people I talk to really are just them. Today I decided I m done with them. I am not leaving my basement to talk to them again. Then once I m down with my surgery which is Feb 16 I plan on moving away to Colorado so I can smoke weed because it helps me mentally and for pain relief better than any pill. But if I smoke it now I have to here about how I m a loser. Anyway sorry to ramble, just getting to the point that I might just end it. Sick of this and extremely hurt that everyone I thought was my friend would be there for me in such a shitty time. Boy was I wrong they aren't even there they are making life worse. My friend who I stuck by as he went threw a heroin addiction will not answer my calls and actually blocked my number. Fuck him and the world.

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Hi. I hope your surgery went well. I also hope you're still with us on planet Earth. I understand about jerkface parents. I get high to ease my pain too. Bulging disk. I'm not sure which one. But it gets worse every day.