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Finally a diagnosis for so much pain

Started by Tikitorch71 on 02/12/2016 12:20am

In june of 2008 I worked as an in home caregiver. I was assisting my client to dress and two of my lower discs dislocated in two different directions. It took over 6 months to be able to do things on my own....dressing, getting in n out of bed, using the bathroom, just every day things we all tend to take for granted. I dont take any of it for granted any more. I have suffered so much pain since then. I have worked off n on over the past 7 yrs.
I moved to Federal Way Washington in Sept. My Dr. sent me to a pain clinic to be able to refill my pain meds. This amazing Dr. not only refilled my meds but sent me for a current MRI and x-rays. On Tuesday, I went to the Hospital to pick up my reports and diagnosis. I loaded the disc into my laptop and saw for the first time why I have sooooo much pain. My diagnosis....DEXTROSCOLIOSIS. Top that off with FIBROMYALGIA, depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Life sux. But I have the support of my family and friends. I get all the help around the house i need.....but dealing with so much pain all the time...Im incredibly not angry person...my old dr said i was very pleasant..lolol....I also have issues with Hallucinations....not as bad as before but i still have them and only at night. Help!! Ive tried nerve blockers and cortizone injections...did not work.

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