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my pain management doctor has been negligent in my care and I feel that they may try to discharge me instead ok taking responisibiltad of t

Started by 102053723482976... on 03/01/2016 12:33am

My issue is with my pain clinic Dr they have been negligent in the following ways. First of all in February they reduce my pain medication from 60 milligrams to 30 miligrams stating there was a government issue of reduction of pain medications which I have found since calling the DEA and talking to other patients of other pain clinics there is no sex ban so number 2 I was in immense pain and one of the drugs they prescribed within the 30% with opana 5 milligrams and according to them they were unable to make the pre authorization work for my insurance company because the program was expired or defective and they didn't know how to do it so I'm stuck with the 20 milligrams of percocet after taking 60 then when I call them in and let them know they actually called me and said we can't make this authorization work so we're going to prescribe you something else so instead of the opana they prescribed me morphine which I had told them in the past made me dizzy and nauseous still as a good trooper I took what I was prescribed my back pain got so bad I would have to sit down and immediately when it got so bad in the burning was more that I could take which made me unable to cook unable to go to the grocery store and unable to babe my daughter in the tub unable to walk to the mailbox but I dealt with it it because they're going to see me again on Wednesday about how the pain medication change work or did not work which obviously it did not work and failed me he most t last night or early morning I get up to take a shower a hot shower to loosen my muscles the back pain. Excruciating from standing up so I had to sit quickly I sat on the toilet to relieve my back slid off the toilet fell face down busted my head open and broke my nose then when I got up I sleep back down on my hip my knee and twisted my ankle when I went to the ER they told me to stop the morphine at no matter what and because I am with a pain clinic I had to deny any pain medication that they gave me or we're going to give me which would have helped the situation but I knew I was going to see the pain doctor Wednesday and explain to them everything that happened I have never had a dirty urine sample I take my medication as prescribed I do not abuse them I do not sell them and I'm not addicted to them what rights do I have and what if they just try to discharge me please help I me I am afraid that they may try to discharge me instead of taking responsibility I feel that the decision the drop down my medication was a blanket decision for all patients and that my care as an individual patient was not considered please help

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Seriously, there are no responses to this post? Even directions to another source if this post is inappropriate is more humane than no response at all. Forgive my judge mental attitude, but this was my first " read" after joining this forum


I agree with you, no responses? I am sorry you are in such pain and no one responded yet. I am a post op spinal fusion patient and I am not that familiar with your medications, but I do believe if you fell that the treatment the hospital gave you would not get you in trouble with pain management. Unfortunately people have abused opiod medications so much that the dea has come down hard and strict on the doctors that prescribe them. My mother has RA and a knee that is crushed and has to have a total knee replacement and she only is prescribed Percocet and has to physically go to the doctor every 2 weeks for a refill. I hope things work out for you, but you could try slowly lowering your dosage so in case they change your medicine out won't be such a shock to your system. I am off all medicine and I had my fusion this March,I am lucky, but I know how chronic pain can be horrible. Hang in there.


Wow sorry to hear..this is my first day here. It is ashame that people in pain are criticized due to the abusers. Problem is they are not getting them legally..patients need to stand up and go to the medical board and file complaints and sue for improper care. But I would try a neurosurgeon. Also try another pain doctor.. Mine retired after 12 years of seeing him.. I have tried several and they have screwed up my system also.. I now go to my rheumatologist and he prescribes them. Also does my spinal injections..


I have the same problem. I moved away then moved back after two years..I went to the doctor treating me for 8 years without a dirty urine treat, etc..he He told quote "I can't see you again. my license us on the line if I do" wtf? I could understand if there was no physical proof of pain producing issues like severe scoliosis, I have a52 degree curve left ava just below that a 51 degree curve the other way..hip deterioration on one side, blah blah..I have a morphine pump...I didn't get that just because..I'm on my third one...and finding a doctor that will even consider me as a patient is almost impossible..because of nonsense like oh I'm afraid I'll get addicted....if your in that damn much pain you really don't care..you just want that pain reduced. and after a little research people who honestly need those opiate medication for chronic pain only .5 ever become addicted or have trouble stopping it when properly tapered off the meds. I had an extremely bad week..I seriously toyed with the idea why should I even try anymore..I'm never getting better, I'm crippled, non productive member of society now..and I have to deal with this debilitating pain on a24/7 basis..and I can't get any relief...I came close then I ever thought I would too pulling the trigger...what ever happened to quality off life..you hear it all the time still but it's behind an advertising term only..means nothing..like the Hippocratic oath means nothing these days..do they still even have to invoke it at graduation?? This it's my first day here also..doing research fur a friend who it's having these exact same issues with his pain doc..he has been released once, the other doctor passed him off to a colleague who gave him lidocaine cream for his bulging and herniated cervical and lumbar vertebra...he is lost hope...who is going to be responsible when he takes his life?? if you our me withheld information, say, that has another person kill themselves because if it we'd be charged with murder..that's exactly what these doctors are doing. not providing someone with the means necessary to survive is tantamount to murder I believe.especially when it's just a few strokes if your pen and a little of your time...well..I guess I'm going to go on a mission..this its insanity when the few are condemned because if the many. those in honest chronic pain that struggle the best they can and only ask a little help shouldn't be punished along with the multitude . I can only shower maybe once twice if I'm having a good week, because the pressure of the water causes so much pain. I plan my day around what well cause me the least amount if pain and then prioritize by that...I've learned to live with a level if pain I believe most would be in the ER if they were in that pain. that is 24/7 ..that it's only a 5-6 on the scale..as the day progresses tho it starts the daily climb to 10 and beyond..
I mentioned I have a morphine pump..it's nut been filed in 2 years I've been trying to see a pain doc who will fill it. ..I smoke marijuana when I can..and honestly that, when used regularly, tremendously helps with my pain...but I don't have a script for it so I'm breaking the law..that isn't even close to being fair. ..this issue isn't going to get any better unless there are balances..right now it is so out if of whack against chronic pain sufferers..there has to be something put into place that protects both the doctors from harassment and prosecution if they are legally doing what they should be, caring for their patients...right now nobody it's advocating for the chronic sufferes of pain..that has to change. anyone have any suggestions? sitting back and watching it get worse then bitching about the problem isn't going to help anyone..I seem to recall that happening in Germany in ww2..they came for the troublemakers, that wasn't me.then they came for the teachers, that wasn't me so I did nothing..until finally they cane for me,I was a Jew.
you get my point.. ai was at the very point of suicide because it'd my pain...pain that has been a lifelong struggle..so it it's not acute pain..it it's severe..I had the gun to my head...finger on the trigger..for whatever reason I stopped putting tension on the trigger and put the gun away...
I know that this person who started this thread isn't the only person dealing with a more and more alienated population of chronic pain sufferers. I don't have an answer, but I do believe that if more people came together to find an answer, draw that map that others can follow to get proper treatment for their pain, then that's a start. Sitting on sidelines booing the system isn't going to fix that system that it's determinedly broken..
I'm willing to do something, anything to..I don't know..I just know I'm nut going to die without knowing I didn't first try . Id be more then happy to discuss options with others on ways that maybe could help with this nationally growing problem. it's a statewide, nationwide issue that needs addressing.
lizben.walker@gmail.com ..maybe my problem is I care to much..and action helps focus that helps reduce pain...I would LOVE to hear anyone else who thinks that this id's an issue k that needs to be addressed..right now nobody it's speaking out against this ever increasing problem. it's only going to get worse..when the doctors themselves are afraid for their license..so they do not offer proper medical treatment..there it's a major problem..with nobody advocating against the problem..I have nothing to lose...I don't mind making waves or doing what I can to help out when I see a problem, and even when that help it's frdrowneid on by others...
ok I'm rambling now. I've said what I wanted to.
there has to be others that feel as I do and don't want to let or quality of life fall so low that life itself isn't worth living..that's how bad it has already gotten folks...a solution has to be found. waiting for someone else to do it isn't going to get it fixed anytime soon..I can't wait until someone else does it..IT WILL WILL NEVER GET DONE...
Adalaine Marie


Piinkwolf, I hear you . I suffered with chronic pain for years until I got a good pain management doctor,I had surgery and I am doing better. My mom lives in Florida, she had severe chronic pain due to RA, both of her knees are shot, she is scheduled for a second knee replacement surgery, that being said, they will not help her pain.she can hardly walk, cries when she had to get up and go to the bathroom.The doctors know she is suffering and all they will give her is chicken 5mg twice a day!!!!!! They told h her that they cannot give her anything else and are only going to give her Percocet after the surgery!!!!!! This is bullshit, when you are crippled by pain you should be treated to get the best possible pain reduction just to function. Doctors are afraid to prescribe proper pain medications because of other people abusing opiates. That is not right, a person who needs these meds to just get thru there day with a lower level of pain ate being denied and left too suffer thanks to the DEA. Doctors need to step up and defend the issue of chronic pain patient's, and not being afraid of losing there license die too stupid rules. My mom does not get high from pain medication. It's horrible, they don't take insulin from a diabetic, it's no different than chronic pain suffers. I just want you to know you are not alone in this fight, please don't give up.....I am a advocate for chronic pain suffers and we are trying to get the laws changed, it's a medical problem and people need to be treated for it period. I understand that pot helps, and sadly it's the safest drug but the drug companies cannot make money off it do they fight the legalization process. Don't give up hope. Where do you live? I am in North Carolina and my pain management doctor is awesome. Hugs to you and strength.


I meant Vicodin not chicken lol, auto correct got me


Michelle hi..I'm in California. before she killed herself because if her pain I've if my best friend's was a world class gymnast...she couldn't get any relief for her pain..agree several years she just couldn't take it anymore..you know the doctors are staid of a person oding on opiates..what about all those people that commit suicide because they can't get relief from their intractable pain...shouldn't the treating doctor be responsible for that because of negligent treatment?? just like bullies should be made to be responsible if their actions of bullying cause another to commit suicide it was the direct actions of another that caused it...so it should be for doctors...I know their it's a bill of rights n for chronic pain sufferers but it's different in every state...
to be honest it was the pharmaceutical companies that created this problem..in I think it was 2001 when oxycontin wss introduced they said that it wasn't addictive...they flat lied to the doctors..in 1 years time it has become the most proscribed pain medication . do you know what my doctor used to prescribe me at first when it came out.850 a month if the 80mg. plus 7 boxes off the fentynal suckers. even the doctors had little knowledge of this medication.all they had to go on was the information provided them by the pharmaceutical companies..this can be verified thru Stanford university. I was in a program thru then that did a wide study on opiates..called the H.E.L.P. program health education for living with pain.
then the doctors who should Hageehave known that you don't prescribe someone that is not opiate tolerant 30mg IR opiate when they really can't tolerate a vicoden that's only 5.7mg they get stoned off that much...it's a no brainer the possibility of od it'd high.
and they don't look at this little fact...most Americans want to work, they want to be productive, so with their morning coffee they take a few vicooden, or a Percocet..because it reliefs that nagging backache, the aches and pains of a brutal week at work..they found that they could function on a pain free level..so they more and more turned to self medicating...
then thru no real fault if their own people under doctors care started dying from overdosing..well the do gooders had to blame someone...not the ones truly responsible, but the prescribe r..so those with no pain, no education of those they were targeting...you know the trickle affect had begun...
I have a question..just who made up that nonsensical idea that cancer pain is worse then other pain?? isn't that pain, just like any other pain felt in the samene place I'd the brain?? what makes that pain any different they say arachnoiditis pain, or hip replacement pain, or pain caused by improper medical care as in your aunt case..
but I guess in everything their has to be a scape goat..right now everyone is pointing at the DEA, well what the dea just suddenly decide that they are doctors NIW and magically came up with stricter regulations...well I believe they should...but NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF PEOPLE TRYING TO GET SOME SEMBLANCE OF QUALITY OF LIFE BACK..once again that I believe falls on the doctors...stricter guidelines cool..make the doctors a little more responsible for the tracking of the scripts they right..but make them just as responsible for not treating a patient with obvious legitimate pain issues properly..
their needs to be an across the board bill if of rights that ate the same in all state that keep the doctors hands free to properly treat his patients ..
Adalaine Marie


ps..your right a diabetic needs insulin..chronic intractable poison needs relief..you don't take q diabetics insulin away it tell them no that's to much let's cut it in half tool just have to make do..that's wrist they are doing with chronic pain sufferers...and this notion that we want to take away all pain it's ridiculous..we lived with it..we know it's never going away..well mine never will..it only gets worse..I've excepted that..but when I can't even ell ten get to the bathroom the pain it's so bad I just go on myself instead..yes then I want some relief...but I know I'm never going to be poispain free..fact ifoff my life...just make me able to function thru my day with less pain..that's bit to much to ask...
I have a pain pump...I'm in my third one..it's taken 2 years to find a doctor willing to treat me because I have to have high levels of schedule 2 opiates...in fact I see him this Wed fitfur the first time. somewhere I read that one if those DEA sidelines it's that if a person Gives a dirty US 2 they can't be seen anymore the doctor has to let them go..I've cone up dirty twice...in 15 years!! so does that mean I am an at risk patient...I'm more suicidal that should be the concern nut that I smoked pot twice..
ok gotta go..how hope your having a good day...as anyone reading this..hugs...hey...people see there it's a problem and it's going to get worse IF NOBODY SPEAKS OUT...DON'T FEEL YOUR HANDS ARE TIED BECAUSE A DOCTOR WON'T PRESCRIBE YOU MEDICATIONS..BECOME ACTIVE IN YOUR TREATMENT, START A PETITION IN YOUR TOWN...GO ONLINE RESEARCH, PEOPLE NOBODY IS GOING TO HAND US THIS ONE..OUR LIVES ARE BEING TAKEN BOTH FROM THE PAIN AND PEOPLE WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HOW HARD IT IS... and standing on the sidelines waiting for someone else to correct the problem isn't going to happen...if one person stands in front of that snowball rolling down the hill, they'll probably hey squashes...it'd ten people get in front of that snowball it will be stopped...the actions being done that are preventing proper medical treatment by pain management doctors it's that snowball...a snowball rolling down a mountain unchecked only gets bigger...it needs to be put back into check...they only ones that can do today ate us that ate suffering the most because if this...it's nut affecting people that ate but in chronic pain..our have an acute debilitating pain issue...that's like 70-80 % it'd the population...I really don't know what I can do...but I'm going to find what I can do and do it...otherwise my next stop might as well be my grave..I'm nut spending the next 20 years in this kind of horrid pain because some idiot wants to get high on opiates...
remember a few years ago when the words QUALITY OF LIFE meant something...


I agree with what you are saying 100%! I think the "care about the patient" part of being a doctor needs to come back! I have never been prescribed anything more than percocet after surgery, but I do know of people who go to these "pain clinics" that are nothing more than a drug dealer and give out anything and everything without thinking about the consequences. That is why we have such a problem. They are just now starting to shut them down and go after these doctors.
Thank you for your insight and I am in this fight with you!


I'm in the same boat... I have a list of Neurological disorders that should have me in a Nrsg home. Doctors are still required to follow AMA Guidelines. Each patient is to be evaluated individually and if they do their job the way they're supposed to, an examination and any Imaging that is required to diagnose properly a condition & if all options have failed to provide a person's pain, them prescribing an opioid should not be a problem. I call it jumping through the hoops. I've had ALL this done & am finally to the point of Maintenance medication. I relocated to another state a few years ago to recover from an ACDF at 4 levels and my Physicians made sure that my records which looked like the Houston Yellow Book and white book pages we're here in 48 hours. So all the documentation that is necessary to substantiate why I'm on what I'm on is here. Well I took the time machine back in time. They now think the best thing for me is to take me off of everything and since they started doing them I'm in more pain, sleep less, eat less & have had 2 of the worst falls I've ever had. Now I have to have my L. Rotator cuff Repaired courtesy of the last fall. Irony is most pain management clinics up here won't touch me because they say they have nothing to offer. Translation they had no procedures they can do on me which is where they make their money. I don't want to hear about addiction to those of us that are on opiates. Of course we are going to become addicted to the pain meds. Assisted different kind of addiction though this is a normal response to the body because of the meds not because we are abusing them. And we are being the lumped into the category with those individuals who abuse narcotics and any other illicit street drugs for their pleasure. Something needs to be done about this. There is no reason that chronic pain sufferers should be treated this way. And if we ask for anything different or try to change doctors in the hopes that we will be helped then we are also labeled as drug seekers not wanting to get off of the pain medication, instead of a person that suffers with a great deal of pain.


Sorry to hear of your situation, hope you have gotten some kind of better relief.
My experience with the pain management doctor I see is that he refuses to prescribe anything stronger than OTC meds at first. So, after seeing my PCP for year for my degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and a disc that ruptured in my youth (30 yraes ago). I have no disc between L3 and L4 and the vertebrae are partially fused on their own.
When that injury happened my doctor took some x-rays (no MRI's back then) and said it looked like a small disc bulge but nothing to worry about. I spent 2 months in agony and no one would believe me, just a kid, can have back problems.
Ever since that happened I have had severe back pain all the time. I saw a new doctor a few years later and he ordered an MRI which insurance didn't cover back in the early 90's and cost me thousands, they found the ruptured disc and several fractures in the vertebrae and facet joints. I have been an electrician for 20+ years and the wear and tear has caused my lumbar discs to degenerate to almost nothing and they all bulge, with 3 discs impinging on my spinal cord.
He put me on Darvocet which barely softened the pain, but I got SOME relief.
Now I am forced to see a pain management specialist. This doctor immediately took me off all meds and prescribed 800mg ibuprofen.
So for the next few months I was stuck in bed. When I saw him again and told him the pain is intolerable and I need something stronger he yelled at me, saying if he wrote a prescription for one single pill he could lose his license.
as I was standing at the desk checking out he came over to me and started shouting at me loudly that I just have to learn to live with the pain.
I had given a urine test each visit and passed. I don't even drink or smoke. I do take so much Tylenol and advil and Aleve that I now have stomach and liver problems.
This doctor told me that they have this new way to treat my pain where I wouldn't need narcotic painkillers and was extremely successful in helping. He sold me on getting a spinal cord stimulator. He really pushed it like a used car salesman and I made the mistake of buying into it.
I have had the Boston Scientific SCS Precision plus in for 18 months now and the techs cannot get it to block pain from my lower back. the tingling only covers the legs, groin, ribs, but not the lumbar region, and the techs have given up on me.
The doctor apparently does not read notes from the techs because when I tell him the stimulator isn't helping me he gets very upset with me. I have tried to find a new doctor, but all the pain management doctors in my area are employed by the same healthcare system, so I get rejected after the first visit (which they make thousands on).
I wrote a letter to the South Carolina medical review board and showed my doctor the copy. In it I documented everything, including his yelling at me in a public area where about 20 people heard. I also listed that he is under medicating me and my records show no history of abuse, clean urine samples, and the failed stimulator implant.
After this he suddenly told me he would prescribe 60- 5mg hydrocodone, but nothing stronger.
so 2 pills a day that don't touch the pain and no way to get a second opinion as Greenville Health Systems has a monopoly on these clinics.
I consider suicide daily, sometimes get so close when it is 3 am and I haven't slept all night and the pain is unbearable. The medical review board has not responded to my complaint after 4 months now. I guess the war on drugs has now included chronic pain sufferers in it's sights. They are treating anyone taking pain meds as addicts looking for a fix, no matter the reason. Wish I had cancer so I could get some actual pain relief.


I understand and am with everyone here who is not getting the care they need. After a 10 year wait due to an awful lawyer, poor handling, zeor medical care, no finances, (an additional 2, making a total of 3 auto accidents involving drunk drivers hitting me, putting me through their windshield,) I have finally gotten my ACDF, C5-C7 procedure this past December 30th thanks to Medicaid.

I can feel my hands for the first time! (I am an artist, and losing my hands, I am not even going to get into trying to describe it. I lost my career as a tattoo artist, was told I'd never draw or tattoo again, but I did persist. I kept forcing myself and eventually re-learned to draw, to paint, even to tattoo, but could only do so in short bursts and ended up bedridden for 2-4 days each time.) I can draw longer though the end result remains; Bedridden.

I can say the radiculopathy has improved though not entirely dissipated, the pain is still just as bad for me if not worse and has "relocated" or maybe it is that I can now differentiate between types of pain whereas before, I could not. I now have symptoms of terrible sciatica and problems walking. I never had much lumbar symptoms before. The issues were pretty much due to the cervical injuries. I have nearly zero quality of life. I cannot do housework, have days where I have to do the old roll out of bed to the floor, army crawl to the door-frame to pick myself up just to get to the bathroom, etc. I have barely been able to get out of bed at all this week, and sometimes, as we all do, I merely get so tired of "being strong". I am unable to experience intimacy, try my best to force myself to go for a walk each day, do my PT stretches & sissy exercises, but after ten years, I just can't take anymore of this. I also have Crohn's Disease. My body does not absorb anything properly, including of course food, so logically speaking, I am likely not getting a full dose of any of my medications as-is. My doctor does not seem to be receptive of my attempts of bringing this to his attention and even said to me, "No, no. Everyone is the same and reacts the same to all medicines." My jaw dropped. I was so shocked an frustrated, I could not even argue. Not true at all.

Yes, the DEA has caused so many upheavals for those of us not mentally addicted to our medications. Every month is a complete anxiety-heart attack-fest to see whether or not the pharmacy is going to even fill a medication they are fully aware none of us can miss a dose of. On top of our pain, these medications if taken too late or not at all make us very ill, can cause seizures and in worst case scenario, even death if suddenly stopped. We endure this life, if we can call it much of that, bad days, better days, worse days...and on top of it should not be terrified of things like this every time the DEA passes something and the doctors and pharmacies have a conniption.

I see my doctor tomorrow. I am terrified. I have been brave. I have been stubborn. I have not given up. I would not even allow myself to admit I am disabled or even injured, forced myself to work in agony up until my body simply stopped cooperating entirely about 3 years ago.

I've been in pain so long, I no longer feel like myself, and I hate it. My relationship is suffering. I want my life back.
I am absolutely terrified my doctor won't listen, or worse as is being done so much lately, he may try to reduce my current medication which barley dents my pain, (I live at the old 8-10 on the pain scale,) or worst of all as has been the case in my disabled friends and the community here, try to take me off completely.

How can we all help one another in this fight? Are we to write letters to our senators? The Medical Boards?

As a fellow chronic pain survivor, all I wish in the world could happen would be for my body to be able to heal, build back up, to obtain relief from this muscle atrophy, pain, all of it - get off the medications, (PROPERLY AND SAFELY,) and go back to work!!

I want my life back.
I need my life back.



I think a class action lawsuit needs to be filed against the DEA and the doctors. The drug dealers are NOT getting the meds legally through the doctors. I am so sick and tired of hearing the crap they spill about this because of a few bad doctors or drug addicts. Enough is enough. Yes you can get addicted unless you take it as prescribed. People can get addicted to motrin but they still sell it on the shelf. They are out of hand along with other stupid crap they come up with now of days. Let's take caffeine and sugar and food off the market since you can get addicted to that also...it is just way out of hand.. But anyone here knows how to start a class action lawsuit, let me know..


This whole thing started when Jeb Bush's daughter got caught with oxycontin in large quantity and was arrested.
Naturally, her dr. overreacted and began lobbying congress, the DEA, and the FDA to stop prescribing these narcotics.
The DEA, being all too willing, rescheduled the opioid family of drugs from schedule 4 to schedule 2.
Schedule 2 includes drugs like methamphetamines.
Suddenly it was decided that all opioids are the drug used by addicts. Threats were made to the medical community: If you prescribe opioids, you will have to justify it to the FDA and the DEA every time, threatening their license to practice, and no more writing refills or calling or faxing of prescriptions. They can only prescribe 30 day supplies each month with an exception for travellers who can obtain up to 3 scripts at one visit each for 30 days, and write on the script the dates that the extra scrpts can't be filled before.
All this because a politician's daughter got busted abusing the system. Instead of just focusing on the drs. abusing the system and writing 120 oxycontins with 10 refills, they targeted the whole community. If you take narcotic painkillers you are a junkie who must prove that you aren't going to OD or go sell them outside a rave.
Hell, most of us are already subjected to urinalysis (at great markup) to prove ourselves innocent.
Now the DEA and congress has summarily decided that 60mg morphine or morphine equivalent is the most anyone can be given per day. No doctor or pharmacological experts were consulted.
So drs. are cutting pain patient's treatments in half and offering no alternative to help with the pain, not even tapering down to the new limits.
Chronic pain sufferers are now considered junkies looking for a "fix". Guilty until proven guilty.
Also, the new specialty of "Pain Management Specialist" has been made up and all chronic pain sufferers are required to see them. A whole new corporate money machine was created with the patient's well being not even in consideration.
They are so overwhelmed with patients (40 million chronic pain sufferers in the US alone) they have no time to treat the patient properly. The new method is otc meds first, then spinal cord stimulators (that have yet to be a proven technology), then, maybe, small doses of Norco or other hydrocodones.
The new policies are based on the recent increase of celebrity deaths by overdose by opioids.
These celebrities have their own physicians who are starstruck and overpaid to prescribe obcene doses for routine pain. Prince's death will no doubt be cause for further crackdowns.
Meanwhile I will get the evil eye by my pharmacist as she sells me 60 5mg Norcos each month. And everytime I drop my script off on the way home so I can pick up in a day or two I get the lecture that "It's too early to fill this. You can't have this" in a snarl or condescending tone like I'm a child. I calmly tell them I'll pick it up tomorrow, they respond, every time, "You can't have this filled today" loud enough for other customers to hear.
Everyone in the system now treats us like crap. Poor them. Having to take an extra 30 second step to fill my script.


I am livid. I have been attending the same facility since November just before my ACDF was finally performed, (before that without insurance I was getting by on ONE to ONE HALF a 5mg pill of percocet a day with only a 20 DAY SUPPLY! It was brutal, but my GP couldn't do anything more. So every month I'd run out due to lack of the correct amount per month. The pharmacy would give me the same crap, 'We can't fill this yet', or worse, 'We are out of this for the next 5 months'. When Walgreen's got into trouble they were flat out turning people away. I was told 'you can't 't fill there anymore. Go somewhere else' for no reason. Not trying to refill early, no discrepancies, etc.)

I informed my pain management doctor's assistant on what the surgery aided, what it didn't alleviate and what it made worse. I informed him I've just finished re-doing all of my MRIs and EMG's, the neurological testing on my legs, all of which were much more specific & painful than when they performed the same tests to a lesser extent prior to my ACDF bi-level, (C5-C7.) This time around the surgeon is worried & said I'm possibly looking at further surgeries and brought up the word "wheelchair" which was when my stubborn denial kicked in & my anxiety took over at the surgeon. We are awaiting the tech's reports.
The PA says he wants the reports like he doesn't believe me, (this kid has always been rude, snotty and cold but this was a whole new level of $h*t,) I repeated we're still waiting, I literally just finished a few days prior but I have the disc, waving the disc at him. He didn't even look up.

Because I can no longer function, & I cannot take living this way, this isn't living! I asked, (with encouragement to do so from my GP who thank the gods knows me well enough, understands exactly what's going on, communicates & genuinely does all he can,) what can be done further to alleviate my increasing pain. I want to at the very least be "comfortable", not "high". I don't even understand what an opiate high is. All I've ever felt is pain. No drowsiness or "euphoria", merely gives me help to turn my head instead of feeling like freaking Batman, turning my entire body you look in another direction all day...

I was met with instant hostility, talked down to, treated like an imbecile and a junkie! Keep in mind I've seen this PA 4 or 5 times without issue. After I explained everything and how I'm still in bed 90 percent of the time, miss actual exercise, used to dance every night, was a ballerina, can barely handle my once a day walk and every day PT but force myself, can only shower once a week because of the pain, take "only washing important parts baths", most of the time using baby wiped because it's just too much, can't cook, can't go out, can't do housework, no laundry, no vacuuming because I can't push the damned thing, no cat litter box, how it's still agonizing to draw it just takes a little longer than before to make me sob through my paintings, drawings... I can't be intimate with my partner, on very bad days can't stand or walk & have to get dressed on the floor, shoes socks and all, can't stand, can't walk, have to scoot around on the floor to get around the f***ing house....Also no problems with my urine tests. (To clarify, they run these tests to make sure the opiates are still in your system. If you come up clean, they'll turn you out assuming you're selling your medication on the streets. You are put on some offender's list then. They do look for Marijuana which I absolutely cannot have anyway no matter the strain. Kicks off my PTSD/anxiety, all bad.)

It was pulling teeth getting him to name the other medications used to treat pain. I was afraid if I started expressing my knowledge of the medications, how each reacts differently with the nerve synapses in the brain blah, blah, blah, he'd immediately label me as exhibiting "drug seeking behavior". I tried to mention how I can tell the percocet helps something the morphine doesn't & the morphine helps something the percocet doesn't and he flat out interrupts me nearly yelling, "You're not getting percocet!" I said I don't want any percocet and I'm not trying to obtain it. He wasn't listening! I knew this would happen, but I wasn't prepared for what came next:

"I don't understand why you're still in so much pain. You had surgery," and, "No. You're not getting anything else. Injections again are your only option", *steroid injections post-op, really? My grafts are still forming, no way. Besides, I've already had these injections & in my case they increased the pain! I'm at the point where I'm ready to do anything to alleviate my pain. I told him this & agreed to the BS injections. He told me, "if you were in real pain you would've agreed that the the injections right away", accusatory! I had to repeat I've had them. They do not assist me. *His own boss previously agreed they'd be of no help whatsoever as has my surgeon. This is all in my chart which this guy has in front of his face at this point. I ask for a refill on my Ibuprofen requesting my previous 800 mg dosage instead of his 600 mg dosage. He SNORTS, SMIRKS, LOOKS @ ME LIKE I'M FULL OF $#*T, says, "That's impossible. 800 mg. Doesn't exist." I pulled out my nearly empty bottle of 800 mg Ibuprofen, he looks insulted, takes it & examines it for quite a while then states, "I'm not giving you that". No offered explanation my. Nothing. . "Methadone is used but I'm not giving that to you". I don't want methadone & say so.
I tell him how I'm so tired of pills & worried about my liver, stomach, etc. as well as my existing crohn's disease factor. He brings up the fentanyl patches. Now THIS is what I believe would be best for me in some correctly monitored dose. I've researched it, read reviews all over the place for days. The most common reports were people saying it gave them their lives back without the side effects of being groggy at all, or their patches did nothing. I'm afraid for my organs. This patch lasts 48-72 hours. (It's not as if I'm going to forget I've applied one & cover myself in them!)

This PA states, and this has hurt me worst of all, "I'M NOT GIVING YOU FENTANYL PATCHES EITHER. YOU'RE NOT DYING", with an added , "Prince overdosed on fentanyl. I'm not giving you that". I'm obviously not Prince. (Prince also was injecting liquid fentanyl himself. It was not being administered by a doctor, and Prince did not OD on patches.)
I've been denied any help, been shot down flat out when inquiring on even breakthrough pain relief, treated like I'm too stupid to manage a regiment of medication, spoken to as if my pain is imaginary, fake, he accused me of acting "all down & in pain but being chipper every visit before". I've not been "chipper" in ten years. When I bring up how we chronic pain sufferers have bad days, better days, he says of course we do, but I seem a little "drastic" to him, implying I'm acting like I'm in more pain than I am! I'm at a perpetual pain level of 8-10 every day, that day being a 9, with hardly any relief as-is. I don't understand why the surgery didn't help more. I am so very disappointed the surgery didn't alleviate the pain as was expected. It relocated my pain, & it's worse! I'm under-medicated & suddenly experiencing lower lumbar pain & all sorts of new difficulties, entirely new to this TEN YEAR battle I've been fighting!

I was treated like a drug seeker rather than a patient who's zero quality of life anymore, who's still recovering from bi-level ACDF utilizing a bone growth stimulator, my grafts are still trying to take, etc., I'm not entirely healed yet. It's said to take a year or more... Didn't this guy go to medical school?! Also, what about their OATH they don't seem to recall taking which they're not following?!? My to let a person suffer when it's in their ability to HELP.

At this point I was so hurt and shocked and angry, I couldn't even SPEAK. "Go to your surgeon. I'm not giving you anything." My surgeon said to ask my pain management. He then smirks & takes a jab at my GP, "I can't believe your GP convinced you we could do anything." He did prescribe a low dose of tramadol finally at the end of our discussion. 30 mg, 12 hour release morphine isn't strong enough in my case & he essentially gives me something less effective to me than baby aspirin.

He continues, "We really only give fentanyl patches to patients with cancer." Then again, "I'm not giving you anything else. It's not like you're dying."

So, wait a minute here...you only want to improve my quality of life if I am dying?! Preferably for you, dying of cancer?
I AM dying, dying of chronic, debilitating, wretched PAIN.

Trying so hard not to give up. I don't know what to do. But I'm reporting this cruel and awful person to the medical board, Medicaid, the BBB, anything and all I'm able to do do to! Why does he have this job if he refuses to help people!? It seems he's sadistic, controlling, lacks empathy, sorry possibly even a sociopath, & wants to dl nothing but put people who are already enduring this in more pain. They don't put you out for the steroid injections at this facility. (They did for my first round of injections at another office.)

***Also, they canceled this original appointment for my refill plus consultation with the actual DOCTOR because the doctor himself, the head practitioner I need to see - called in ill. They rescheduled me for a later date causing me to run out of all of my medications! Refused to help prevent it whatsoever. Thanks for the opiate withdrawal!***

I Apologize for the venting, the detail, wordiness of the way I write. I'm merely being honest. Trying to relay this horrible experience accurately.

I'm at my wit's end here. I really, truly am.

(2:49 a.m., awake due to the pain as usual. I home this made sense & please accept my apologies if didn't and/or is rambley or whatnot. Difficult to concentrate when I'm hurting this much.)

Thank you all for your attention and time. I don't leave the house anymore & feel so isolated.



I never want to go to that office again. I will talk to my surgeon. I shouldn't have to feel like he's my last chance at being properly treated, but I do feel this way. I need something to help enough where I can build up some muscle mass, conquer this muscle atrophy, get stronger! Get healthier, then slowly, correctly reduce the dosage of medication & hope of all hope, get off all of them entirely.

I spent 16 hours in the ICU after my multi level spinal fusion. I was on a dilaudid drip and was given oral percocet every 4 hours. It did nothing. I felt everything. Every. Thing. They refused to increase anything or alternate anything stating the reason being I was already being given "such high dosages of such strong medications". (It seems they've all forgotten about the tolerance your body likes to build.)

I refused the next dose of percocet & explained if the hospital couldn't help make me comfortable after a major procedure like this, if I was going to be this uncomfortable in this much agony, I'd rather be in agony in my own bed.
And I left the ICU.
I went home.

We need legitimate help. We should be able to get this help.


Dahlia and everyone else.

I was a firefighter, and I had a failed back fusion in 2001. I believe that I've experienced everything said in this blog. I'll cut right to the chase.

Please check with your doctors first!!

1. your body needs deep sleep to heal. My pain Dr gives me Atarax.
Find something that doesn't leave you "droggy."
2. gravity is continually aggravating your nerve endings that are
exiting your spinal canal. 3. Find an anti-gravity chair. This might reduce the constant
4. See a Dr about removing the drug toxins from your liver and organs.
They build up and create "brain fog" and that makes pain worse.
5. See a mind body spirit dr. Your chronic pain depletes your body of
important "feel good" hormones. ( GABA, serotonin?) 6. Try alternative medicines along with Western Medicine.
7. I have a pain pump that makes my pain tolerable now.
8. Chronic pain depletes testosterone levels in both men and WOMEN.
Low levels create anxiety and panic attacks. Please have your Dr
check your levels.
9. These are just my opinions that helped me reduce my debilitating
lumbar pain.
10. Yes, it is terrible that some people who have abused pain meds are
making it difficult for those that need pain help.


Thank you for your advice, Michael.
I am completely willing to try alternative methods to ease my pain. I do have an inflatable & adjustable collar I use to relieve the weight of my head from my neck for periods of time as well as heavy duty posture collars, but now the heavy duty collars irritate the area my fusion was performed.
I very much would like to try acupuncture as well as a floating tank! (Unfortunately, health insurance will not necessarily cover things like this. Also, I feel severely limited not being able to work, and having zero income because of this. I need to apply for disability, and I hope to one day be able to return to work. I loved my career!)
Yes, the medication ironically when taken over long periods can make you feel worse. Every few months I taper my own doses down hoping it helps with that but also trying to see if I can physically hack it without the medication. Before all of the automobile accidents, pain & medication, I already had troubles with anxiety/PTSD, crohn's disease & insomnia. Medications like ours have been known to cause everything from sleeping problems to mood swings to digestive and memory issues.
There is a way to "draw out these toxins"? My doctor would be aware of this? That is something I've never heard of at all, and I thought I'd read over everything I was able to locate on the effects/side effects of our treatments. You wouldn't mind going into more detail on this would you?
There are a few things such as caffeine, swimming, (low impact exercises only of course,) stretching, and hot baths with eucalyptus epsom salts that seem to help my pain levels. Meditation, reading a good fictional novel, art & music do help if I'm able to get myself to relax which seems to be the most difficult task.
Other than that, I'm on a continuous search for anything that may help me, wishing for alternatives to narcotic pain medications. I despise the fact the medication so far seems to be the only treatment which provides the slightest relief. Believe me, I wish I could survive with merely exercise & Tylenol or any of the otc methods.


The anti gravity chair will release the weight of your head on your neck vertebrae's. It's a neutral position. costco used to sell the anti-gravity chairs for about $250. Relax the back store has much more expensive chairs.

My alternative medical dr. has me use Metagenics Ultra 360 to clean my liver. My brains fog lists almost immediately.

Please try all the items I listed and I believe that you will get some relief.

Try to reduce you stress level.


I've spoken with a few doctors about the new system and the consensus is that the whole pain management policy is bullshit.
One: the medical corporate policy is to treat all patients as either assets or liabilities.
Assets are newer patients they can run all the test and perform the typical procedures. Pain control is not part of the equation, just profit. Pain control is the carrot the dr. dangles in front of the patient in order to sell the 5 or 6 figure procedures.
After the procedures come the drugs that don't touch your pain, but cost you and your insurance a fortune.
Once all these options are exhausted, they string you along by giving you slightly less pain control you need to live a productive life. This keeps you coming back. Want a second opinion? All the other pain mngmnt docs are working for the same company. At some point you get offered the spinal cord stimulator. Now. Your doctor gets gifts from the medical device company for each stimulator sold. So. Your dr. will claim incredible success rates, even Googling it you will find very high satisfaction rates. They will tell you you're success rate is around 97-99%, and the risk of infection or paralysis is almost zero.
Dig deeper.
The FDA alone shows success rates around 65-70% and risk of infection or pralysis are in the high single digits, some devices and doctors are well into the double digits.
Also, they never tell you the risks of a failure. Mine has been a failure. Full disclosure.
After an x-ray after 18 months of failed programs, we discovered the leads are not centered on the cord, about 10 degrees to the side. It is square, and straight, but not directly over the cord. This has resulted in a bias towards stimulation to the wrong side of the back and leg. After programming to the edge of their abilities they have given up and told me that's the best I'll get. The dr. claims the stimulator is in and a success and there's no reason to bother him. Office visits last 45-60 seconds and any mention of difficulties upset him. It would involve more time and thus I have become a liability. Bad place to be.

Second option: radical surgury by another surgeon resulting in two to three years recovery involving massive pain (remember, the pain doc isnt there to relieve your pain, if you take painkillers you are a junkie addict.) Odds of success? Bleak. As soon as you forget and reach for a glass or piece of paper you're gonna herniate a disc and it's back to the operating room.
Option three:
Live with the pain, take Tylenol intil your liver fails. Ive been close to ODing on Tylenol many times. All of us probably have. But when pain gets into the 7-8 range you don't care about the liver anymore. Then one day you'll take an extra Tylenol and you'll wake up in the ICU on the donor list. No livers to be had soon? Goodbye.


I've been reading your posts and I've tried to offer solutions. I'm not hearing anyone trying some of my solutions except to continue to complain. I'm at least 5-8 years ahead of you all and you have to drop the "anger" because its affecting your body. Plus, people and doctors are tired of hearing your complains, even when they're credible.

Pain management is big business. I've tried to tell people here that the pain meds stay in your liver long after the pain relief and you need to see a doctor about removing the residual products.

The dangers of an electrical pain device are true. Mine only reduced the pain 30%.

My pain was a constant 8 with daily episodes of 10's that drove me crazy with pain. I would develop lumbar muscle spasms that would create panic and anxiety attacks.

The solution I found to help me considerable is the Medtronics Infuse intrathecal pain pump. It has a Morphine and bachofin drip inside my spinal canal. Yes, I'm taking the chance about paralysis but I didn't have a life taking the oral pain narcotics before. I only recommend this pump as a FINAL solution.

Remember, your body has been "robbed" of your good hormones and it's necessary for you to see a dr. and test for Adrenal fatigue. Some people say this is "BS" but I did the tests and the supplements helped me tremendously.


Michael, I have discussed your experience with my doctor, as quickly as possible, as he starts to get up about 30 seconds into the exam.
He got very upset at the mention of a pain pump or any narcotic other than the low-dose hydrocodone he prescribes now. Also, he only works with Boston Scientific stimulator implants. Medtronic is a dirty word in that office.
I've requested consideration of a disc laminectomy or similar procedure to relieve pressure on the nerves. Shut down immediately.
It's not that we are just in here complaining, it is that the doctors have changed their approach to medical care radically since November 2014 when opiate based drugs were rescheduled.
New FDA and DEA rules have made prescribing narcotics above schedule 4 a hassle and risk for the doctor and so they are resistant to it or simply will not do it.
Despite DEA communications to doctors that the rescheduling of opiate based narcotics to schedule 2 (except hydrocodone which is schedule 3) that doctors should not take this new action as a reason to under-medicate their patients. This phrase is repeated again in the one page communication.
My theory is that the companies that run the clinics are making the decisions and have decided the litigation risks are too high, so just say no to narcotic pain relievers, push the stimulators. There is a lot more profit in the stimulator implants too, which just might drive executive level decisions.

The statement I received after the implant surgery was for $110,000 with the device its self costing $35,000.
Obviously there is much more profit in the procedure than in pain killers, physical therapy, and many other less invasive procedures, yet they are much cheaper too so less profit.

My Dr. will not refer for physical therapy, I had to get a referral from my primary care physician. What is that? how can a pain management specialist who advertises himself as among the top 25 pain management doctors in North America not allow physical therapy? Among the dozens of procedures and drugs, physical therapy has given the most relief from pain, as well as improving moral and hope.

I've done a lot of research of different pain management clinics and found many doctors claim to be in the top 25 in the continent. I guess that is a common marketing term used by the clinics.

The sudden drop of doses to people with seriously painful conditions, much worse than mine, and the refusal to treat many patients is not because they care about the patient, it is because they have a mandate from management to reduce legal liability. If you are new, they check and find you have had a different pain doctor and immediately assume you are "doctor shopping". The fact you have moved across country for work or other reasons is ignored. They are caught up in protecting themselves from liabilities.

We are caught on the wrong side of a pendulum swing. 10-20 years ago the emphasis was on controlling the suffering by prescribing the opioids. The high profile overdoses of celebrities from mixtures of painkillers has caused the pendulum to swing far to the other side. No pain killers, or very little, and push the implants and new, and expensive, non-narcotic drugs. What is sad about this is that many overdoses are not from the painkillers themselves, they have become one of many "club drugs" and the overdoses are from mixtures of the opioids taken by people who are not opioid resistant, as well as mixing them with alcohol, ecstasy, meth, and many other drugs. For some reason the opioids are getting singled out as the cause.

Proper supervision of patients and their rate of use, along with the national pharmacy database should be enough to stop the pill mills and most abuse, yet the pendulum has continued to swing, with the FDA and the DEA taking too much control of the patient/doctor relationship by intimidating many and incarcerating some physicians operating completely within the boundaries. It will take many years of lobbying and complaints to the medical boards in each State as well as many unfortunate daths from suicide and overdoses of available drugs like Tylenol all the way to heroin to start the pendulum swinging back the other way. Ideally the pendulum settles somewhere in the middle, but as experience shows, it keeps swinging, maybe even further each time it swings.


Back again.

I have finally convinced my doctor to order a CT scan to see what is going on with my back since the stimulator will simply not keep a program in the same place for very long, and that I've had several nasty falls over the past year.

I also discussed other alternatives, like relaxation therapies, prescribing massage and traction treatments, herbal topical cremes....ANYTHING!

Right now doctors are
1. terrified of the FDA and DEA and their corporate owners pulling their practice out from under them. Go on YouTube and search terms related to chronic pain and there are stories of doctors (legitimate, well documented cases) getting their licenses pulled, assets seized, etc.
2. Their egos have been hurt by having others telling them how to practice medicine.
3. Had their income/financial status threatened and have to see more and more patients to maintain their level of income they had come to expect.
4. Overworked already, in order to prescribe anything scheduled like opioids, they have to carefully document the patient's "hoop jumping" over many months before allowing them a narcotic painkiller. Like I mentioned before, the pendulum has swung very far the other way from treating the pain, and the cause of the pain. Now it is no narcotics unless an overwhelming abundance of evidence shows it is necessary, and even then they are at risk.

I got my Doc to order a CT scan which I'd been requesting for many months, and it showed the leads on my stimulator are not just shifted to the side, but pulled away from the spinal cord in an odd shape. This is different from the x-rays taken a couple months ago, so it shows the leads are not staying in place.
I expected my pain doc to finally admit the stimulator was not helping me, but instead told me to schedule with a different tech, that he should be able to get a couple good programs despite the loose leads. My jaw dropped and couldn't get a response or question in as my dr. already had gotten up and walked out of the exam room. I needed to get a couple scripts written for 90 day supplies with refills (non-narcotic, it's just that my insurance insist maintenance drugs be purchased through an online pharmacy called Express Scripts, and their policy is it must be a 90 day supply, with refills, usually 3. If not, I have to pay full retail price at the pharmacy with no help from insurance). This is important but the doctor left the room without even acknowledging the problem, or letting me speak, including asking for my celebrex and Flexeril to get prescribed as the pharmacy needs. It would take him just a minute or two to write these scripts, but I was not allowed to speak with any medical staff after this point. I was ushered out to the billing desk by an assistant that is not a nurse, P.A., or Nurse Practitioner, so I couldn't get any help with the prescriptions, including refilling my Norco script. So I am going cold-turkey this month without ANY pain meds but OTC meds, and it has been horrible.
I've left 3 polite and concise messages with the nurses voicemail, which is the only option they give for communicating. I have not received a return call in two weeks.
Sorry if I'm whining away here, I'm just telling you exactly what is happening.
In the old days you'd go get a new doctor in less than a few days as a free market capitalist society supposedly allows. I believe in voting with my wallet more than my ballot, but with the new pain management clinic setup, the free market has been shut down. Go try a new doc or just ask for a second opinion (which is a right in the HIPA laws) and you are branded a doctor shopper or pill seeker, regardless of what you say when you visit the different doctor. It boggles the mind.
I think I will give it my very best shot for 3 more months. Be very polite, professional, kind, do all my exercises (which I already do no matter the pain levels), and be positive. If ate the 3 month mark I have no progress and am still being treated this way I will go to one of my favorite spots, spend a little time reflecting on my life and my good times and good deeds, and swallow my pistol. The pain needs to end after over years of 24/7/365 pain pain pain, which has destroyed my life. My future as it is now is poverty, pain, loneliness, and an early death of liver failure or medical mistake. I'm doing things on my terms and I own my body. No one can tell what I can or can't do with the body I live in. That is my right as an American.
I'm staying positive, but I have a schedule that I will be keeping. I hope I get to change that schedule or toss it out for good. This will be my last entry in this message board and will not be monitoring it. I don't need anyone's herbal tea recipe or advice to use ice, "It really helped me". I punch those people in the face and tell them to try tea or ice for the broken nose.

Thank you. Good luck all. Don't forget to report your doctor or medical facility to your State's medical review board if they treat you rudely, unprofessionally, or under-medicate you. That is the only way to get the pendulum swinging back to the middle where the patients come first, the Hippocratic oath is observed, and the government is kept out of our medical decisions.



Ruprecht. I believe you had a bad day when you wrote this last email. In fact, you probable can't have a good day.

Your doctor might be overworked and frustrated with your condition.

Please, don't give up. I can relate to your present condition .

My Medtronics pain pump has helped me tremendously. I'm in constant fear that something could happen with my pump and I'd be back in your condition.

You're getting a notice from Spine Universe that I added a response. Please read it and call Dr. Prager at UCLA.
310-264 7246 and ask for Mark to get the ball rolling.
I have met people from all over the Country that go to him for relief. He is compassionate and knowledgable.
Hang in there.

My best. Mike


I am in the same situation. I went to the ER last night because my doctor couldn't fill my medicine until next week so I thought I could get some medicine from the ER just for the weekend to hold me over until Monday or Tuesday but all he said was that he couldn't refill her meds for me and that is not even what I wanted him to do. The pain is so bad that I can't stand it. I have nothing... Neurontin is all I have and the neurologist gave me the lowest dose of 300mg a day and told me that if it doesn't help to call her and she would up the dose.... Well guess what? It doesn't help and I called her all last week to tell her I needed the dose of the medicine changed but either no one answered or I had to leave a message and then no one called me back. And here I am in extreme pain feeling like I have no help and really no hope. My trust and faith in doctors has diminished due to how ignorant they act when it comes to back pain, nerve pain and spinal cord tumors. Why haven't they sent me to a pain management doctor yet? I don't get it.... The doctors here either don't care about their patients or they are so ignorant that they shouldn't be doctors. I honestly can't live like this.


Sounds like you have Aracchnoiditis!! Join my support group Arachnoiditis We Can Fight This and we have information to share with you and help you. Also support!


Im so sorry, it is just very difficult to respond because your post is difficult to understand without punctuation.


Thanks for reading this.
Misery loves company, as they say.


I hope things get better for you, and try and figure out other ways to control pain. Maybe a TENS UNIT or some Lidocaine or Lidoderm patches. A friend of mine had good luck with the spine stimulator implanted in her spine. She had to get detoxed off Oxycodone, so it;s all they can offer her at this point.

There is an article I read about the DEA. THEY HAVE NOTHING in place, that forces physicians from prescribing opiates. It is not true. They are just feeding us that in order to scare the be-Jesus out of those who live in chronic pain.

2nd issue with this thread and this website.
Either the post is CLOSED or nobody responds.
WHY CLOSE a post down with a topic that is still relevant?

Who it the "decider" of posts being closed?
Why am I even wasting time asking?

Time to find an actual therapist that deals with people who are depressed from chronic pain.
Staying here encourages suicide.


Just got spinal fusion worse mistake I ever made now my Dr is trying too make me sign a contract and take drug test to get my meds ACLU told me my 4th amenmeant right had been violated if anyone Else is having this problem contact ACLU