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lumbar totally fused together rods, screws, plate, etc.

Started by 100005658434881... on 03/13/2016 11:12am

I really don t know how to start this out but when I was 19 I fell from a roof top. landed on my hind end on cement. and my back broke. I went to my family doctor he said oh you pulled some muscles and that take it easy , he took a few x rays sent me on my way. 40 years later I am getting the break repaired. plus they put 8 screws in my lumbar area. about 8 months ago I was trying to get out of bed and found that was not possible. back to doctor again it felt like my hip socket come out very painful the worst i have ever felt. so they did x rays sent me to a hip doctor. and he told me was siatic nerve was bothering, and told me it was my back. they had a pain doctor at hospital so i went to see him he wanted to give me injections in my spine so i went along with it. he told me that no one would do anymore surgery on me , he wanted to have me try out this new device it ricks your mind into your not having pain, simulator, so after all that i was not to happy, so i called my old spine surgeon up and asked him , he got my mri and x rays called me the next day told me i couldn"t live with my cushion lodged into my nerves in back like it was. so i had him fix my back and repair my broken vertabre , I guess what I am trying to get across is if I had not checked into all this more. i would either been in the same pain and using this thing they im plant in you. so some times it helps to get a second opinion. I live in Iowa, I have not found a surgeon here yet thats got what it takes to do the work my michigan surgeon has done. The human body is a self healing mass of water bones etc. if its broken some where and you have pain , then it maybe in need of some repair that cant be repaired by its self, and if doctor cant seem to find whats wrong and trys to alter it by doing something like this, to each his own I guess, these pain guys dont make any money getting your back repaired they need for you to be in pain to keep cash flow up. Pain pills are not good for the body anyway, good luck every one.

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