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C-7 Herniated disc need ?'s answered for peace of mind PLEASE

Started by Lbalrite on 03/26/2016 9:00pm

About a year ago I started noticing my head pulling to the left when I looked down, to cook,sweep etc. but no pain
But pain wasn't far behind!!
It progressed to feelings of tingling in both of my hands , pain acrossed my shoulders and neck, I figured it was stress and maybe poor posture, it continued to get worse and so did the issue with my head pulling to the left until I had to get a cervical collar to wear at work.
I started off with massage therapy, then a chiropractor , then I went to the Dr. She sd. I was perimenapausal and gave me Prozac , it kept getting worse so I switched Doctors and was sent for an MRI which showed a Herniated c-7 disc so I was sent to an Orthapedic Dr who sent me to physical Therapy, when I completed that with No relief I was sent to a pain clinic, I was interested in maybe getting a shot I was told would help, that particular clinic doesn't offer them but they have drugs!! Ugh! I was also sent to a Neurologist who wants to take none from my hip and fuse that into my neck, that scared me and I want something less invasive , the insurance I had at the time was giving me a hard time so the surgery is in limbo, NOW THE REASON IM HERE... I want to know if the symptoms I'm going to list are common with a c-7 Herniated disc.
My left arm feels like I have been lifting weights
The front of my shoulder at times gets sharp stabbing pain and when that happens I can't lift my elbow above my waist
I have (at times) a burning sensation in the top of my head and (at times) in the back of my head
I am in pain CONTINUOSLY!! And the pain in the last week has started running down my spine (are all of these common with a herniated disc???)
The Pain clinic gave me Gabapentin 1600 mg a day
Oxycodone 10 mg 3 x a day
Nucynta 50mg 2x a day
They tried me on morphine and fenynal patches and then the Nucynta xr, the meds are Not Helping the pain, I am Miserable,I would Never consider suicide yet life is not good in this kind of pain!!!!! And I don't want the meds increased, I don't want to end up strung out!! Please give me some input any of you that have been where I am

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Hi Lbalrite, firstly I'm sorry you are in so much pain and yes I understand as nearly three weeks ago I had an acdf done at the c6c7 I had all the same symptoms as you and I wouldn't wish them upon anyone so I really do feel for you. When I first saw my neurosurgeon he told me the worst thing I could do was have physical therapy or massages in my case the only way to fix the problem was surgery as not only was the disc herniated but it was crushing my spinal cord and my nerves at the c7 . I did find some relief in heat packs on my arms and I do say only a bit but a bit is better than nothing. I didn't having anything taken from my hip they put what they call a cage with crunch not sure what the crunch is I will ask the neurosurgeon at my follow up visit but I can guess that you are in the USA I'm in Australia so things are done differently. If your insurance will cover the operation I would recommend it as I've not felt this good for 12 months I now have no pain and I can finally lift my arms up over my head and the pins and needles have gone also I lost a lot of strength before the surgery and according to the doctors when I was in hospital I'm back to 90-95 percent which is great. They make the operation sound scary but once you accept that it is what you need and they know what they are doing then it becomes a relief at having it done. Please let me know how you go and if there is any more information you want to know about my experience and recovery don't hesitate to ask. All the best vic39


Thank you so much for your response, I am taking your advice and as soon as I can get a date for surgery I am going through with it! I Live in The U.S, in North Carolina.
I will update you with my results, again Thank you for your input


Hi. I had the surgery. Replaced the disc with cadaver bones and titanium plates with screws. I did everything the surgeon said to do after the surgery. Wore the neck brace for 5 weeks only took it off to shower. I am in more pain now than I was before. It has been over a year since the surgery. It starts with neck and shoulder pain then I get a severe headache in the back of the head which goes up to the top and is like a migraine. When I told my surgeon after the surgery that I was having terrible pain he said. That's weird. Your the first. All my surgery's are 97% recovery. Lucky me. It's not 24 hours. But I will have one good day and 3 or 4 bad days. Can't make plans to go anywhere because I don't know if I will wake with the pain.


hi my name is cindy im a 44 year old female i live in united states and ive endured 3 neck surgeries but as we speak ive got a c7t1 disc herniation in my neck the pain is unbearable i have pain in both shoulders both arms hands and fingers go numb now all the drs. around me are hollering stimulator honestly to me for them to place a stimulator in my neck on top of a disc herniation is just like putting ointment on a bandaid to keep from doing what really needs to be done and i feel a stimulator would cause me more problems in the long run are there any drs. in the united states that will see me and fix my neck properly im at my wits end i cant live with the pain