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Scheuermanns keyphosis with hemangioma

Started by Raylene99 on 03/31/2016 6:43pm

Doctors won't treat me....they won't accept the diagnosis from university of Maryland, my docs in pa are awful I want to go public and be the face of pain. These docs are pain management and don't care about hemangioma and believe Scheuermanns and keyphosis is not painful they want to take more meds away and I'm just getting worse. Do I have a lawsuit? Does anyone out there have answers and names email me I am desperate, 42 and I'm not sure I'm going to make it to 43. My heart is suffering pain in my spine is unbearable and getting worse. I'm bending more and curling in more I have a treatment plan from Maryland but apparently no doc writes meds.......has anyone seen this website?


It will make your skin crawl all those who say they can't help you.

I have hemangioma symptoms and I'm scared my back is in severe danger the more meds they are taking from me I'm barely walking. I wake up paralyzed or unable to feel my limbs till I get moving. PLEASE HELP ME. ANYONE???

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