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Spinal cord stimulater

Started by 221203711577694... on 04/08/2016 2:23am

I had surgery 2 weeks ago I had a Lam,SCT,on Good Friday by Easter the stimulater had completely stopped working and I had fever, I have home health nurses to change the bandages which needed to be changed twice from leaking. The pain was unbearable Now I had 2 surgical site's that's hurt and I still had/have my same old wonderful pain.I was sick with fever of 102-101 for 6 days till the keflex finally kicked in. My drainage site with the 13 staples is draining like it should of to begin with. Then I read that since my battery in my hip hasn't been charged it will never hold a charge for long. What the heck!! Doe's this mean after all this pain and unnecessary illness I'm to have surgery or be stuck with a screwedup battery. That Medtronic should of made sure had a charge! Just curious

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