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Spinal fusion or not

Started by Medic821 on 04/11/2016 11:51pm

Hello, I'm a Paramedic/FF and have underwent 3 lower lumbar surgery in the past 14 months. The last surgery I was hospitalised for 5 days with a diagnosis of cauda equnia syndrome . I laid sedated for 4 day and on the fith day surgery was performed removing my disc at L-5 yet no fusion. I continue to have trouble bladder incontinence .my heals on both feet are numb and my left leg is numb . I am almost 5 month post-op . work common is pushing to go back to work and I love my job. But I don't know if my back is stable to the point to preform my job requirements. So I guess I want to know should I have had a fusion or not .. I mean would it have stabilized my back or will it just naturally do this on it own ? Just wondering if I should get another opinion.. Thanks !!!

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I'm sorry that should say work comp and I continue to have trouble with bladder incontinence..