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Lumber fusion removed,Lyme disease,metal allergies

Started by 102076484851024... on 05/05/2016 3:17pm

Hi, mine starts way back L4-L5 the first surgery was for a reported disc,no big deal,the second surgery was the WORST decision I made I had a curve in spine L4-5 so fancy NY hospital did a fusion . I had NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS, now I suffered 8 years doctors MRI's all showed good place meant, we'll CHECK FOLKS cause MY screws and Rods were TAKING OFF THE MARKET! And NOT 1 recall letter I received so PLEASE find out the manufacture of those screws and rods. It always hindered my walking I was stomping my right foot down, my foot felt cold numbness,I would feel the screws I said to ALL the DAM genius doctors they'd smirk, placement looks good,you need PT,, ,that was a JOKE! Now I believe in pray and if I told you had I found this dr you would too, I saved a puppy named Simon, but he passed away from parvo, I dreamt of SIMON! I woke up and said I need to find a great doctor a neurosurgeon ,googled it and Found Dr,Scott Simon from ONS in Greenwich CT , well he was the ONLY ONE who said we can remove hardware even after 8 years!yes! he did a hardware injection they numb all around the rods screws, you sit in a chair to see if you have pain!NO I didn't!It felt like my back was pain free!!!so removing hardware at L4-5 ain't no thing it uses takes an hour in half...mine ( because I am cursed took over 2 hours!the locking screw was so tight it broke Dr's screw gun!He used Plyers !
DR.Googled during surgery they took this OFF the market in March 2005!!WHAT I had just had it put in,in Jan 2005. Then another doctor asked for biopsy on muscles tissues to check for Lyme ,I had a private lab do a METAL test and it was HIGH for Titainum and Nickel that I was Allergy to the parts they used in 2005! Yes a PRIVATE METAL BLOOD LAB, NOT quest BS! Lab!
Well the biopsy showed POSITIVE for Borrellisi that's Lyme disease in my PCR muscle biopsy !!!SO rare the MDL lab picked that up!
See I never Prior to 1-2005 ever had lesions, white matters up and down my spinal colum! Never, after the fusion was placed in I had lesions in T spine T2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12!!! Then C spine the neck C2-3-5-6-7-8 I was a MESS.
I had drop serve foot I wasn't able to walk as in 2005 AFTER that surgery I was dragging my leg had weird sensations like electric shocks up & down my legs! So what is wrong with me, I would have serve joint pain especailly in knee caps, anxiety attacks, fatigue, exshusted,brain fog,sometimes if someone got me mad I would get raged!my eyes looked wired!I was a NEUROLOGICAL mess!

I had less pain after they were taking out, because the screws were locked too tight!I was allergy to Titainum ,nickel which is so rare!BUT YOU must check metal in your blood through a private lab, as I did, the biopsy while in spine that confirmed Lyme disease,but Doctors ran with MS!!!!
So I still battle,the same as I did in 2005- then after the October 2013 surgery to remove it. It wasn't bad to get the rods and screws removed,I mean mine was hard to get out so yes afterwards in hospital I was in pain,black and blue. The rods,screws which I had the surgeon seal them right after he took them out!they are HUGE screws!
So why you may be in pain, you may as me have fusion rods and screws defected!
You may have a metal overload in your body that effects central nervous system,arthritis as me,
You may have nerve damage get a EMG done,it is an uncomfortable test,I take a pain med before it.
You may get relief from mild yoga,or it can be as I said from the hardware.
It may be Lyme disease if you have ever been bitten by a tick even now they say fleas,that goes misdiagnosed as me for YEARS! That was problem why I had back pain.
I did have scoliosis ,but if it's not HUGE then leave it alone.
I did have stenious which is like a plaq build up in spinal column mine was cleaned out in 2005, that IS IMPORTANT cause that strangles the nerves,that's not a big deal to get done.
I wish I would have and just bought the machine to hang upside down that relines your whole spine!!!! Because of allegedly to Titainum and having Lyme!

You do fuse after 1-2 years if you do not smoke, smoking slows down healing sometimes you don't fuse at all cause
Also Advil after fusion my dr. Said is NO Good it slows down fusion healing!

So if I can give any advice it is YES get the hardware out have surgeon seal it up in a bag for you,
NO what the manufture is of the hardware,may be FDA website has a recall on it
Take it out the body is already fused if not they can fuse it with bone,no big deal
See if you find a blood lab that specializes in metals and their are some that will check what they used in your back, cement etc,as I did
Then go holistic RESEARCH! Find the best doctors by googling it in your area me I traveled to another state but it was worth it.
Get an EMG which tests nerves, muscles,
Nerves can come back it takes years especailly in legs,
Change your mattress,I like foam firm matters they make a difference.
Check for inflammation blood test an RA Doctors to check the blood CRP that shows inflammation protein in body
Watch out for beef, wheat,sugars,coloring in food, allergies that cause inflammation
India has spicy which help with inflammation
Check your B levels,may B 3-6-12 in blood test.
Check vitamin D levels
Check magnesium, cause if that's low you will get spasms cramping especailly in legs, stay well hydrated too
Metal testing is key though,many doctors po po this. You need a speciality lab even through urine they can check
Check your well or water at home have that tested for metals too.
GO HOLISTIC if you can.
Hot baths with Epson salts helps muscle pain,detox body too
For neuropathy nerve pain I use a vitamin called Foltabs 800 mg, by dr,script or buy on Amazon same thing
And a vitamin for nerve pain called Benfotiamine 150 mg, I take 2 a day .vitamins take a month to build up in system so it's not in 10 minutes it works,but after 3 weeks I notice differences. They have neurotin, Dr. script but it did nothing for nerve pain for me.
Now presdizone ( steroids helped inflammation nerve pain) but with Lyme disease it can bring Lyme on stronger!
Anti inflammatory drops through holistic dr. They do seem this on Amazon too.
RESERACH ,even if you gotta leave your state!!!! Do it, don't take just 8 doctors word for it!I was stupid for 8 years
UNTILL I researched it, I asked for the metal kit for blood and paid privately .
Just do not settle.
Also accuputure with deep tissue massage helps a lot, massages bring blood,oxygen to area and detoxes us of toxins.
Also ONLY go for CLOSED MRI, make sure the strength of MRI machine is high you get better films.
Sometimes with and without contrast shows different images.
Neurosurgeons not just orthopedic doctors, you want those who deal with nerves.
I still have many problems but Lyme is very hard to treat.

Good luck to all,keep positive it can heal the body too!!!
Best to all

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