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Spinal Fusion

Started by Jerry L Billerbeck on 06/12/2016 11:19am

I am 57 yrs. old and had a L-5, S-1 fusion done back in Feb. 2016. Before I had it done the pain in my left leg and hip was unbearable to the point I was screaming every morning before my pain meds would kick in then it would subside some. After I had the fusion done I was still having some pain in my left leg and hip, my Dr. said it would go away with time once the nerve healed and I thought ok sounds reasonable. But, now 4 months after the fusion the pain is returning almost like before I had the fusion, the pain is becoming unbearable in the mornings when I wake up or it wakes me up. I am on my feet for most of the day as I work in retail, and it keeps getting worse. I have been in bed for the last 4 days, to stay off of my leg, my Dr. will not return my calls as I have asked what to do, and I hate taking these muscle relaxers and pain meds. This is starting to effect my job and my life in general, I hate living in pain! Has anyone else had this kind of problem after a spinal fusion, if so any advice would greatly be appreciated.

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Hi Jerry,
Im just over 1 year post op L4/5 L5/S1 lumbar interbody fusion and im exactly the same as you. Im 46yrs and feel 90! Night time and mornings i dread as thats when the pain is at its worst, im unable to bend and mobility is a problem. The doctors have increased my pain meds which i hate taking :(
Sending all my sympathy, having this surgery is one big regret


Hi Amanda,
My thoughts and prayers are with you, and you are so right , I regret having this done. I'm tired of taking pain meds and muscle relaxers, I just wish the dr. would send me for a nerve test or something but having difficulty to get in to see him or get him to return my calls. I'm like you bending over is really a chore I try not to do that but sometimes you have to. Again thank you it's good to know there are others out there who are dealing with the same issues. Mornings and evenings are my worst times too. Will keep you in prayer, and hope all will get better for you.


Sorry your having this pain. I know how you feel about the drugs. I also find the drugs not to my liking. I had L2/3 fused when I was 64. Now at 66 I wish I had NEVER had the fusion. Still dealing with the pain. It's gone from both legs, then to the right leg moved to left leg with STABBERS and numbness, then numbing, burning with sensations in both feet!!! Luckily the scar tissue was broken up pretty well and the core exercises did improve my pain BUT then the surgeon shot me with die to see why I was still in so much pain and I came down with spinal meningitis which kept me in one hospital for 5 days then a transfer to another, better hospital in Boston. 5 more days there now I'm with 3 new Drs. with pain management to see if they can improve my situation. On 11/21 I'm having shots to the nerve roots of L2-3-4-5. See how this works along with more PT.
I can't take too much more of this but if I get another surgery I'm concerned about another 2yr. recovery at my age. So hang in there, keep exercising the best you can and just hold off the pain meds till really needed. Good Luck and sorry about the long explaination but truthfully it's the "short"version..