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Difficulty in getting diagnoses

Started by Dicris on 08/29/2016 5:22am

Hi, I have recently undergone an MRI scan & xrays, following years of back pain & more recently more pain into my right side. The X-ray showed I have 2 extra bones either side of my spine, growing out into the pelvis area. The one on my right side grows straight out into the pelvis & the left seems to curl up over. I was told it was rare, not given a name for it & was told that the spinal surgery dept. can't do anything for me & recommended I see a rheumatologist!!!!!!?
Can anyone help?

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Sorry to hear this, I know how difficult & frustrating it is to not get any answers. I hope that you have copies of your actual scan & Xrays, this will be helpful to always have. Did the physician give you a referral for a rheumatogist? I know this is the last place you want to go, but I would see the rheumatologist-they might know about your condition & steer you in the right direction to who would help you best. Please let us know how you are doing & make out after seeing a rheumatologist. Hoping pain free days & good luck on getting answers very soon