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L5 S1 causing problems

Started by Kpipe34 on 09/24/2016 6:24pm

4 years ago I injured my back in a weight lifting accident. Ever since the accident I have been having bladder frequency problems. I have seen a urologist and he said its the back injury causing it. Ive seen a spine Physician and gotten a MRI and I have Degenerative Disc Disease in my L5 S1. The Physician says their are no pinched nerves. I have recently as of 8 months ago started having sciatica nerve pain in my left hip/butt. Has anyone had/or currently going through any of these issues that has any information to share I'm all ears. Thanks!

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Just had surgery on the same issue . I did have nerve damage but I would recommend a pain management doctor first .A lot of people find epidurals effective and they recommend those three times a year compared to surgery that may or may not work.it's a long process but don't do surgery unless it's the last option! And don't take just one opinion . If they do find nerve damage there is also something also called radiofrequency where they burn the nerve endings and it alleviates the pain for up to a year which is another alternative .


Hi, I am one year after surgery, 3 -5 fused. Went to two doctors before I decided to do the epidural and Nerve test, very painful, to find the nerve giving problems. I decided to go ahead with surgery after two years of pain in the left leg. I did not do PT until 5 months after surgery because I could not drive. When I came out of surgery I had numbness in my right leg all the way down into my foot. Now a year after surgery I still have numbness in my right foot and toes and some in my hips. I had to quit work and have not been able to sit or stand for very long. I cannot bend without pain. I am able to walk up to a mile which is good. Have had to go back to PT for a month again just resently and I think it has helped. I had to go back because the disc above the fusion is bulging now. I asked my doctor what is going to happen but as usual doctors well not or cannot give a direct answer. I can clean my home and do some work in my garden but not for very long. I really did not have a choice whether or not to have surgury , my lower back was an hour glass. ( one disc was almost pushed in to far, one doctor did not know how I was even walking) . The surgeon said it was a good thing I went ahead with surgery, he did try to keep me from having it. He said it did not look that bad from the MRI.
My life has had a complete turn around. I am lucky I have a good spouse who is able to still work and helped me a lot during my two years. I am trying to find myself in this new way of living. I do acupuncture as often as I can afford it and it does help with pain. I do not take pain pills I have started taking fish oil and bone retoring pills and they seem to be helping . I also do the exercises the PT has told me to do. I know I will have to have more PT sessions. I will probably have to have more surgeries, which I do not look forward to. I am trying to be thankful for what I can do but it is not easy.
I wish you luck!


I had a large disk herniation at L5-S1 about 12 years ago with severe sciatica down back of right leg into foot.
Couldn't walk for 8 months. I had 3 epidural injections every 2 weeks and after 10 month it was mostly better.
If you are having sciatica, you certainly at least have a nerve irritation. Good luck


Thank you everyone for your responses. Good luck to you all.