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Lumber DDD

Started by Jan73 on 10/04/2016 1:22pm

Hi I'm new to spine universe.
I am a female aged 43 and was diagnosed with lumber DDD aged 35. I have been taking morphine, codiene, gabapentin, amitriptyline and paracetomol since 35.
Seen my GP again today after visiting a few times since I was unable to walk in May. After 4weeks I was onmy feet again.
My GP initially told me to go away and think about spinal fusion on L3 L4 and L5 however she is not advising me to go ahead now due to the risks involved. I also have osteoarthritis, 2 crumbling discs and some bulging all at the lumber.
I cannot live the rest of my life in pain. I work full time but have so many odd days off and have had 4 episodes of going off my legs and having 3 or 4 weeks off each time.
Please help. I just dont know what to do.

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In 2002 I had gone to see a ortho doctor after 7 years of seeing every dr known to man and had every treatment, none of which helped with any of the pain I had been experiencing or bouts of my back going out on me for weeks at a time, like in your case, on pain meds most of those 7 years as well. All those medications wreak havoc on your system and cause other issues. Drs will tell you they can help you and keep you coming back as long as your insurance company will pay for it. After seeing the ortho dr. where I was told there was a good reason none of the other doctors were able to help, I had degenerative disks and I could decide if I wanted to go ahead and have a fusion or wait and see. After 7 years of dealing with the pain and then having my back go out on me one last time for two weeks after bending over slightly to pick up an empty grocery bag, I decided what did I have to lose. I had an anterior/posterior spinal fusion on L4/L5/S1 with titanium cages. I haven't had my back go out on me since my fusion. Not sure if you are at the breaking point to where you have had enough. Have you seen a orthopedic surgeon? A GP may not know the extent of what they are dealing with. You need to see someone who is a specialist in this area.