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I can feel the screws they put in my SI joints

Started by Jill Pike on 10/09/2016 8:45pm

I'm 6 weeks post op from a 4 level fusion and Iliac wing screws placed in my SI joints. I'm not feeling to bad I guess but I'm still on my walker and still can't bend, twist or lift anything. I have my husband keep an eye on my 10 inch incision And the other 2 where they took my bone grafts and put screws into both SI joints. I noticed yesterday when I was rubbing the scars that I can now feel the iliac screw sticking out under the skin. It's the weekend so I didn't get ahold of my dr but I'm a little concerned because it hasn't been sticking out up until yesterday. Could the screw be coming out or is it just going to be that way. I'm 5'8 145 pounds so I'm pretty thin and the dr said they hoped that I wouldn't be able to feel any of the hardware and I shouldn't but with me bein so little there was always a chance but I just don't understand why I wouldn't have felt it before yesterday. Can those screws come unscrewed a little?

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