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Started by Barbara Seeber Britt on 10/12/2016 1:44pm

I saw where someone was asking about gabapentin and her dr told her to read about all the side effects of this medication. It was prescribed to me a couple of years ago and I have had no side effects at all. In fact that plus prescription Motrin is all I take for pain. Does it work? Not very well, just barely takes the edge off. I also have a new spinal cord stimulator that works GREAT as long as I am sitting or lying down. I still cannot walk upright at all and cannot stand or walk for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. I am seriously considering a laminectomy. This back disorder was genetically passed to us by our father. All 4 of us siblings have the exact same condition. One of us had a fusion then several years later needed another. Not doing that. Another of us had a laminectomy and feels cured. Another of us is contemplating that type procedure. I have no clue which way to go. I just know that I am pretty much chained to my house.

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I take Gabapentin, it gives me some mild relief.


I was interested to see your post on Gabapentin. I have had it pushed on me from a number of sources over the years, but had found that other than bit of a thick head nothing, I might have been better eating chocolate chippie biscuits. I used Ibuprofen 800mg slow release tabs for years, they were good to use I could still think and they didn't make me too sleepy. But I now have a problem with diminished platelet production and I have to use large quantities of predinsone to get it back up again. The doctor studying the platelet problem blamed the ibuprofen so I haven't had it for a few years and a few months ago I tried it again. Nice it helps with the pain and it helps your with mobility and movement which I am struggling with currently, but my platelet count crashed so I haven't dared to try again. I mainly use Tramadol standard and slow release for every day with other opiates for when I am in deeper trouble. My pain levels vary quite a bit, depending on what I am doing and shouldn't be doing. I find using the tramadol I take it and then sleep it off if necessary then get on and work or what ever.
I fell off a truck bonnet when I was 19 trying to save a very heavy battery which landed on me when I landed on a curb among other things it wrecked the disk between L5/S1 . Ended up having them fused when I was 38, had years of magic , NO PAIN!!!! but I had to have an add on fusion when I was 51. I took on a job that wasn't wise but no to tell me. Then to top everything off I had another accident a year later and mangled T12. I ended up having it fused both sides so now I have 2 pieces of my back fused . Silly ah you would have thought I had learnt my lesson the first time, I'm sticking to the story it was totally different type of accident to the first time and I didn't see it coming. I was digging round on Google to see if there were others who had similar experiences and for ideas for what next.
I've waffled but I know the feeling of prisonership, I can't travel and might as well be wearing a prisoner bracelet and I'm way older. But you have a brain still use it, you must have interests, keep your mind busy, thats the best pain killer. Sorry if I sound bossy I have thought about this alot over time, bod no good but I do have a brain " I think". I know a young fellow who is about your age and he hasn't got any arms or legs, just a little drum stick they have given him on one shoulder, and he has his back fused so that they can keep his insides going. He's a character and does amazing drawings with his mouth, which he earns money from which he is using to buy a car so he can drive. Perhaps it's just as well I'm stuck at home judging from what I have seen of his wheel chair driving skills.
By the way , some how without being offensive , check with the person peddling Gabapentin for back pain what cereal packet did they get their credentials off. I have found playing round on Linux interesting.


I take Gabapentin daily, not a miracle pill but it does help my nerve pain some. Dr started at me 300mg 1x but we discovered that spreading it throughout the day works better for me so now I take 100mg pills ... 1 in the am, 1 around noon and 2 with dinner when my sciatic nerve get very angry. I was originally taking an NSAID, Cataflam, and I loved it, unfortunately it didn't play nice with my post gastric sleeve stomach so Gabapentin it is! You might ask your doctor about trying an NSAID rather than the IB and Gabapentin. I hope you can find a combo that works for you again!!