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Severe back pain at and after climax

Started by Berny Parks on 10/31/2016 4:55pm

well, I am scheduling a new appointment with my neurologist but I am 27 and having extreme back pain that shoots up to my head and throbs for anywhere from minutes to hours afterward. it's gotten to the point where my wife doesn't want sex until I see my doctor. I can't help but think it's more than a pinched nerve because I was told that almost a year ago.

it happens almost every time without fail. it scared my wife last time because it tends to stiffen my back afterward- which made me assume it was a pinched nerve, but my doctors say my migraine med (amatriptyline) would help if it was a pinched nerve. I hope someone knows what this is or has something similar.

I get chronic migraines because of my being born legally blind and migraines are due to eyestrain. the doc said my migraines could be "finding a way around my medicine " but these are shooting pains going up my back and throbbing at the base of my head to the point of me not being able to raise my head.

no leg pain at all (doctors would often ask about my legs because the pain may run down if so) no idea but suggestions would help.

take care guys.

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sorry it's BRANDON PATKS

I posted under my wife's account by accident since she used my phone.