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C4-C5 fusion 8/20/15 pain now

Started by Sandra Herrick Huck on 11/18/2016 8:26pm

Had the surgery in 8/20/15. Had dysphasia for 2 months afterwards. Started having neck pain/burning sensation , hand/finger numbness and tingling, shooting pain at times in wrists/hands, and feels like pins and needles in my fingers. Had an appointment last week with my doctor/surgeon and the X-rays taken of my neck showed above the metal plate my spine is crushing and twisting. Have to have an MRI on neck and lower back. I have herniated disks in neck and lower back, degenerative disk disease, Osteoarthritis, bone spurs, & stenosis. These all affect my ability to work and do normal daily activities at times. I use to see a pain specialist but lost my insurance and couldn't afford the appointments and meds. I still don't have insurance and most doctors in my area don't want to see me due to me having gone to a pain specialist. I can't afford the injections. My surgeon is awesome and will work with me if I need to have the surgery. Just wish I could get some relief without being judged for being on narcotics in the past. I take now NSAIDS (effects my GERD), Gabapentin 600mg three times a day, & 10mg of flexeral up to three times a day. This isn't helping me. I need some advice.

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