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Lumbar fusion with instrumentation to L4-L5-S1 surgery

Started by MO Oliver on 02/03/2017 4:46am

I trying to like your comment but not sir what I did. You are describing everything I went through, but I had L4-L5-S1 fusion with instrumentation. I'm 7 weeks post op and just dealing with the slow recovery process. I have some bruising on my low back buttock area on my right side but no swelling. Doc said it's normal nerve roots trying to heal. I feel good and the surgery fixed the painful sciatica, leg and foot numbness I was having. Like you I'm having a tough time with being patient since I used to be really active, but I'm glad I had the surgery and just praying for a successful recovery as well. Thanks for sharing your story. It helped me.

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Currently dealing with some slight bruising in my low back /buttock area and that's were imaching the most. I have some slight swelling and aching in me knees which can be painful while trying to get my walks in, but I ice when when I get home and elevate my legs when resting. I asked the nurse if I could use blue emu oil to assist with the aches I have and she said that was fine. I'm kind of in the emotional stage while dealing with the patience of just letting things heal since my surgery was a success with no complications, any one else going through this. Any advise, thoughts...