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Synovial Cyst L4-5 w/ stenosis at L3-4 L4-5

Started by starnorthwest on 02/10/2017 5:23pm

I am plagued by cysts, sciatica and stenosis. my back is 10 years older than I am @ 55. My first cyst was at the L3-4 which was about 2 yrs ago (I go to the VA for my care) I was having increased weakness and pain on the right side I literally was not able to left my right leg really a scare. Mri showed the cyst and first line of treatment was injection and try to pop it which fortunately was lucky for me and it resolved . Not so lucky with this second cyst which is why I am here on this board to try and be less fearful of what is to come. My Mri show the cyst on the right side between L4-5 6.2 x 10 mm as my dr put it significant. We have tried twice to try and burst it with injections both time failed and after the second time my pain has increased. So I had a consult with the neurosurgeon (VA) but also works at the UW Washington and Harbor View credentials are good. I have significant stenosis in L3-4 and L4-5 Dr. Feels it's equally as important to do a laminectomy on both as well as the cyst removal or I may well be back for more surgery. I am very very afraid of surgery on my back. I worried about the recovery time and success rate of this.
any input or experiences would be welcome. I am not even sure I can last until the surgery date which is August 2017 I have increased weakness, numbness, tingly and the worst is the knot I feel in the right side of my buttock..

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