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6 weeks post op from alif surgery

Started by Marie Snookes on 02/28/2017 5:08pm

Hi there. I am a 31 yr old female who has had a bad back for 13 years after slipping 2 discs. Which in turn has resulted in them grinding away to nothing.
6 weeks ago today I had an anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion of L5 -S1. I am still in so much pain. My back seems worse. I have pain all down my legs and the stomach pain from the wound is horrific. It is hard lumpy and sore. And in the last 3 days I have found extremely painful lumps near my groin which are the size of a golf ball. Are these cysts. Has any one else had similar experiences.
Any advice please.

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Hi, Marie--thanks for taking the time to post about your fusion post-op experience. We're sorry to hear that the first few weeks of your recovery have been so unpleasant.

Depending on the type of surgery you had (if it was an open ALIF versus a minimally invasive ALIF), it could take a few more weeks before you see any noticeable benefit. However, we recommend you reach out to your spine surgeon and ask about the new lumps you've developed. While pain after surgery is par for the course, any new pain should be brought to your doctor's attention. It could be nothing of concern, but it's good for your peace of mind to be reassured that your recovery--though painful--is going as planned.

Keep us posted, and we hope the rest of your recovery is smoother sailing!


hi marie
im sorry that your pain has gotten worse, i am thinking of having an alif surgery on my l5 s1 disc.i had a discectomy on the same area back in sept 2016 and came out of surgery in more pain.i would talk to your surgeon, especially about the stomach pain, you are still early in recovery, but the incision should have healed up after 6 weeks.as far as the lumps they could be scar tissue.i hope you get well soon.


Hi Marie, are you better now. It takes a long time to feel better. Did you talk to your Dr about the extra pain that you have now? Hope you are better !!!