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Pain management doctor in tampa.

Started by Mespiney1972 on 03/22/2017 7:12pm

Hi. I'm currently living in the Chicago area and am relocating to Tampa, Florida. I've had 9 Spinal fusions. Two Cervical / 6 lumbar. I am in pain all the time and 10x worse with Chicago winters. I know it's hot and humid in florida but its better than the winters here. I'm putting my house up for sale August 1. I've had 4 surgeons as well as pain doctors and I really would like to find a good Team of docs from others opinions/referals when I get there. I think it says alot about a Doctor when patients love them. So, does any of you suggest anyone in the Tampa area?
Thank you for your help in advance.

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Hi, Mespiney1972--best of luck as you plan your move to Florida! We agree with you: Referrals mean a lot, and we hope our visitors here from Florida share their recommendations with you.

In the meantime, we invite you to check out our doctor finder tool to find qualified spine specialists in the Tampa area: https://www.spineuniverse.com/locate/spe... .

Again, we wish you all the very best as you move to Tampa!


I lived in Tampa for 40 years before recently moving to the east coast of Florida. Pain Management groups Tampa Pain Relief Center has several offices in the area and strongly recommend Dr. Miguel Attias. 813-872-4492. Thoughtful, caring provides many procedures. He has even called me over here once or twice in my search for doctors and treatments. If he cannot treat you I'm sure he could refer to an appropriate physician in the area.
Best of luck to you in your search for relief. It'll be easier without the cold weather!