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Herinated Disc

Started by Kossa12 on 03/23/2017 9:37am

Hi , I am new here . I am looking for some advice about my spine disease . i have sciatic pain going to right leg and lower back pain for 10 months now . I am 22 years old and most of my life i was plaiyng soccer , going to the gym. 5-6 times a week i was doing some kind of sport. It started on 10th of January 2016 , It came from nothing , I was sitting on my chair and all of a sudden I started to feel terrible pain in my leg(behing the knee)
. Firstly I went to Family doctor who said that it is something wrong with my knee-maybe ACL . so for 2 first months I had physiotherapy directed to treat my knee . Pain was getting worst - it went to the back of my ankle, I felt pain al the way my right leg. Finally my physiotherapist asked me if I had back problems before - I said that I had felt back pain from time to time but It was going away after few days . I decided to check this out , I did X-Ray and went to Chiropractor . He saw my X-Ray and then my nightmare started. Idon't know if he was qualified and good Specialist but anyway - He said that I will never play soccer again and probably I will finish on the wheelchair in age of 50. I took what he said with a pinch of salt , Couldn't believe it. After that I went to physiotherapist specialising in back pain and did MRI . He saw my MRI and diagnosed a bulging disc in L5-S1 with herniation possibility which is pushing spinal nerve root. Also L5-L4 bulging disc . I've been doing physio for 2 months - from May to July. Then I had to stop the treatment because of my job. I've been abroad for 3 months without any treatment , working on the gas station as a cashier. I was careful , I was trying to avoid lifting , not to bent , doing McKenzie excersises and kepping the right posture. Pain was not worse and was not better either. Now i am coming back from work and I've started my physio again . I am doing back excercices such as Mckenzie extention , Bird Dog , i sit on my fitness ball and bounce , Avoid long sitting and trying to move as much as I can . I still have this sciatic pain all the time , every day 24/7 . I think that my body after 10 months of Pain learnt to tolerate this pain but I can't imagine to live with this disease my whole live so I came here looking for help.
What do You think about it ? Can I get out of this ? Is it possible to heal discs in this stage of the disease? What should I do?

Here is My lower back MRI:

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Hi, Kossa12--thank you for taking the time to share your story with us. We are sorry to hear about all the low back pain and sciatica you've endured over the past year.

It sounds like you've gone about finding a solution to your pain the right way: You're consulting with different medical professionals and trying a wide range of non-surgical treatments. You've explored many things in an effort to reduce your pain, but we'd like to share this article--it might give you some additional insight into sciatica and your options ( Sciatica: Treatment Options ).

Another idea you might want to consider is bringing your imaging scans to a different spine specialist for a second opinion. There's nothing wrong with this approach--it's the best way to explore your options. There are many ways to treat conditions of the spine, and perhaps having another doctor take a look at your case will illuminate a solution.

Keep us posted on how you're doing. We wish you the very best of luck!