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Morphine dependant for past 7 years & Sched for Surgery

Started by ButteGramps on 03/27/2017 3:03pm

First timer, Hello all:

I had a terrible Work Comp injury 12 years ago, and still active case. Fell off ladder. Been on time release Morphine for the past 7 years at 180 mg per day. Been trying to wing myself with my Dr. to ease myself off Morphine. I have just recently been told I cannot wait any longer and have been scheduled for up coming Anterior and Posterior Lumbar Fusion Surgery. Been told it is now a 2 day surgery. So concerned on how my body and heart will handle the pain med. Not at all sure weather t o use Morphine or something else. Anyone else been through this dilemma, 67 Male. Cheers

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Thank you for sharing your post with us. We hear from a lot of people who are looking to reduce their prescription drug intake.

As you prepare for your surgery, have you talked with your doctor about your concerns about needing high-dose pain medication after surgery? Perhaps talking with your doctor about non-drug means to help you recover, such physical therapy, will help. Or perhaps ask if a non-opioid pain medication will be easier on your body while effectively managing your pain.

On a separate note, as you're having lumbar fusion surgery, we'd like to share this great overview of spinal fusion with you to help you get ready for your procedure ( What Should I Know about Lumbar Spinal Fusion? ). We know spine surgery can be an intimidating thing to embark on, but learning as much as you can about it may help you feel more confident about the procedure.

We wish you all the very best for a successful spinal fusion and that you get some answers to your concerns on pain medications. Please keep us posted on how you're doing.


Thank You for taking the time to respond and providing the link. Just finished reading it, and able to write down several questions that I will discuss with my Dr. Cheers


We are so happy to hear the information helped. Sending well wishes your way for a great appointment with your doctor and successful surgery!


Make sure and tell the anesthesia person and the rest of the team.
Many people go into back surgery being on narcotics, long term.
I am one of those people and 3 days ago, I had the second half of a 2 part back surgery.
360 fusion first, and then the last surgery was XLIF.

I am in CT medical marijuana program, and it helped me wean from 140 MGS per day of oxycodone, to just 20 MGS.
They brought it up just before the surgery, and it was no big deal.
"So, you are in the medical mj program?"
Yes, it helped me wean down on the oxy.

Communicate your anxiety about this as well.
I wish you a great outcome and a speedy recovery.