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MRI help

Started by jhawtond on 03/28/2017 11:38pm

Please help me interpret these MRI results. I just want to know if the L4-L5 fusion surgery failed. I am having a ton of pain in my back and legs. Also in the middle of my back. Worst pain ever. I have degenerative disc disease and arthritis. Thanks for the help.

T7-T8- central bulging

T12-L1- right paracentral protrusion at T12-L1 with possible small extruded fragment behind T12

L4-L5- residual central protrusion. Moderate right neural foramina stenosis due to the presence of a right foramina disc protrusion. There is mild left neural foramina stenosis. There is a broad central disc protrusion as well. There is mild left lateral recess stenosis.

L5-S1- small central protrusion

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Hi, jhawtond--thanks for posting your questions.

While we can't interpret your MRI results, we suspect your lumbar fusion hasn't failed. If your MRI indicated a major problem, such as failed fusion, your doctor should have told you so you could discuss how to move forward. But, for your peace of mind, we encourage you to ask your doctor directly if he or she has any concerns about your fusion's success based on the results of your imaging scans.

We'd like to share this article with you ( Pseudoathrosis (Failed Fusion) )--it discusses some key considerations about failed fusion and what to expect during that crucial first year of fusion recovery.

How long ago did you have your lumbar fusion? If it was within the past year, some back pain is expected. However, we think going with your gut is always the best approach. If your pain is interfering with your quality of life--or if new symptoms have developed since your surgery--you should talk to your doctor about your ways to reduce your pain.

We hope you get some answers and relief from your pain soon!


Should I still be having all this stenosis and protrusion after a fusion? I've heard leg pain is not normal and my doctor is concerned about it which is why I got the MRI done, I go back to the doctor in about a week.