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Failed back fusion seeing Dr. Do Little for it

Started by sapsays on 04/13/2017 4:13pm

In 2010 I had a my back fused at the L5/S1. I have suffered with back pain long before the surgery and long after. I recently had an x ray, mri and ct scan. They show that my bones never fused and the lower screw is broken. I am in severe pain and can no longer function I cannot go back to work like this. The Surgeon I saw does not want to do surgery and fix the broken screw he wants to give me a shot in my hip and see if my pain gets better or he will just release with me with no restrictions. He says I have lived with the pain from the back fusion for years so he don't want to mess with it. If the hip shot does not relieve the pain enough and if he does surgery he wants to go in my back and place 2 more screws and rods on the other side of my spine and leave the broken fusion in my back. His own ARNP told me that my back had never fused and I had a spacer in there and with it being mobile it was moving around and causing nerve infringement and that was where my pain was coming from. The Surgeon that did my fusion no longer works at this place and I am wondering if this one don't want to mess with my back because of the failed fusion that was performed by another doctor. I would like to know how other surgeons would repair this. I have not read anywhere about a surgeon leaving in the hardware and working on the other side of the spine.

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Hi, sapsays--we are so sorry to hear about your failed fusion. We can't imagine how frustrating and painful that is for you.

While we can't say what your full range of options are, we want to share some content that we think you'll be interested in. These two articles might give you some thoughts on how you could move forward:
( Treatment for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome )
( Non-operative Interventions for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome )

Additionally, if you feel like your medical team isn't giving you appropriate care, you can always request copies of your imaging scans and take them to a new spine surgeon for a second opinion. You should never feel that just because you've lived with the pain for a certain amount of time that you can live with it forever.

Please let us know how you're doing and how you decide to move forward. We wish you all the very best.