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Sciatica , Spinal stenosis and 3 bulging discs

Started by Healthy2017 on 05/05/2017 5:26pm

I started having back issues after 18 rounds of golf 1 year ago. I had a epidural injection last December which helped with the pain and tingling. But I still have some twitching in my calfs and slight tingling. No weakness of any kind, in fact my legs are stronger than ever. Does anyone else have this issue ?

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Hi, Healthy2017--thanks for your post!

That's terrific that your epidural injection helped control your pain and tingling associated with sciatica, spinal stenosis, and three bulging discs. Have you talked about to your doctor about the lingering tingling and twitching to determine if those sensations a normal and expected to go away with time?

When we read about the twitching in your calves, it sounds like something muscular. Do you ever get massages? More and more we're reading about how successful massage is at managing back pain. Here's a good article about this therapy if you want to learn more ( Can Therapeutic Massage Help Relieve Back Pain? ).

We hope you continue to feel strong and pain free--and that many more rounds of golf are in your future!