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2 microdiscectomy surgeries

Started by MarkDjr1988 on 06/04/2017 9:21pm

Hi I'm 29 years old 6ft5 250 lbs I was injured January of last year had bulging disk at L4 l5 and pinched S1 nerve.
Had one surgery that April with a Dr and still had all the same symptoms after the surgery. Went to a new Dr and he said the MRI he ordered showed no signs of anything being done and the injury was still there.
So I had another surgery with this new Dr in August he said it took about 3 hours and had to take a lot of material out and I have now recovered from that surgery and still have massive swelling around my incision area. Pain in my left hip. Weakness from my knee to my toes. If I stand for any period of time my calf gets so numb I'm afraid of getting a knee injury from stepping wrong. I had another MRI since and my Dr feels I shouldn't be having any issues from these findings and I'm still having major nerve and swelling issues. I ice it many times a day and can't get that pocket of swelling to go down.

MRI showed: L4 L5 mild dorsal disc bulge, mild facet athropathy with mild canal narrowing and mild bilateral foraminal narrowing.

MRI showed: L5 S1 Bilateral laminectomy changes without significant canal narrowing. Mild to moderate facet athropathy with moderate left and mild right foraminal narrowing. Probable granulation tissue in the left lateral recess and broad bases dorsal disc bulge.

If anybody can help me out on what the next step is please let me know.


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