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Pre-op two weeks out

Started by Sbindigo on 06/04/2017 11:31pm

Hello there. I was googling information on my surgery that is coming up in two weeks and found this forum. I've already read through a lot of stories and experiences and found this site to be extremely helpful. I'm having L5-S1 lamenctomy and dialect only. I've had 3 opinions and the first two wanted to do major surgery with fusions and other things but my last and third opinion doctor was awesome and advised that I wasn't even a close candidate for those type surgeries. Basically I have spinal stenosis with a pinched nerve. I only have very minimal pain on my right side to which I dont ever take any pain meds. Maybe Advil or Tylenol occasionally but nothing more. What moreso led me to do this surgery is the fact that I have numbness on the bottom of my right foot for about a year and a half. I was treating with a podiatrist and orthopedic doctors because of this and from swelling in my knee but now come to find out, it's all related to my spine, of course. I'm scared to death of back surgery because the results I've heard from most people are either not so good or they mention how they are never the same after. I have a low threshold for pain so I'm trying to prepare myself mentally for this. Can anyone give some tips or advice on what to expect right after surgery and some recovery tips. I was only going to take off work for about a month but after prayer and reading up on this I decided to take off 2 months. My employer is awesome and has told me to take all the time I need. Should I maybe consider longer? Someone, anyone, please help.

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Hi, Sbidingo, I had ... from BonnieRae
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Hi, Sbidingo, I had laminectomy & fusion of L3-L5 seven weeks ago today. It is major surgery and a big deal, not to be undertaking except as a last resort. My strong suggestion is to get an additional opinion from a neurosurgeon and/or a physiatrist (which is a doc specializing in physical medicine and rehab). They can give you the best advice on these types of issues related to nerve compression. They will likely do tests and suggest non-surgical treatments before considering surgery. All that said, my first two weeks post-op were very, very painful. But I am now healing extremely well with none of my pre-op pain. What pain I do have seems to be muscular (they cut and move muscles quite a bit during surgery). I begin physical therapy tomorrow and hope that will help resolve these issues. I am taking either Tylenol or Oxycodone (5 mg) once per day, a heating pad helps a lot. I hope you figure out your next steps soon. Best wishes!