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Back Again

Started by ScottieBback on 07/08/2017 10:16am

18 yrs ago I was diagnosed with herniated disc problems - l5 S1 and degenerative disc disease. I had spent 4 years jumping from planes in the U.S. Army and years later a simple wrong move instigated the initial pain. I went thru pain management which consisted of physical therapy and epidural cortisone injections every 6 months. I was also prescribed multiple pain medications which occasionally worked in at other times did not. The neurosurgeon that I was seeing recommended surgery to remove the bone spurs and alleviate the pain that ran down my right leg the L5 and S1 nerve.
My brother was a chiropractor in New Orleans and offered to help before deciding on surgery.
I underwent an extreme regiment on a VAX-D machine 30 mins morning and afternoon for 10 days. After almost 2 years of epidural and multiple doses of pain meds, I was ready for anything that offered pain relief. This machine basically sprained my back and allowed the disc to slip back in place, but even more important, within 2 months of rest, miminimal stress on my body and recovery I was pain free for the next 17 years.
3 weeks ago, a simple rushed lifting of my daughter sent me to my knees and now the pain-which is L5S1 once again - radiates down my Left leg not the right. AND, it appears that the L4 nerve is involved as well since the lower pain crosses from outer calf across shin towards the big toe.
I have once again begun Vax-D therapy and so far 1 steroid shot. I do NOT want to go thru another series of epidural and cortisone injections. And truly hoping the non-invasive Chiro care can work again. However, IF I do need surgery, does anyone have recommendations on the safest simplest process that would elliviate the pain and not take away too much of my mobility. I and 52 this year, but work in a very active industry and can not afford to be slowed down or spend my days unable to drive or walk. Also, the prescription coctails of valium, Vicodin or Hydrocortisone and nerve blockers are having minimal effect on the radiating pain that wakes me several times a night and has me limping around all day till bedtime. Any recommendations on alternate meds would be welcome.

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Hi, ScottieBback--thanks for sharing your story with us.

Have you heard of minimally invasive spine surgery? This article provides a great overview of this type of spine surgery ( Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery ).

Minimally invasive spine surgery has a host of benefits: smaller incision, less blood loss, less pain after surgery, fewer days in the hospital, and a shorter recovery time compared to traditional, open spine surgery.

Because this type of surgery uses special technology, you need to find a surgeon trained in minimally invasive approaches (we have a doctor finder tool that may help you connect with one: https://www.spineuniverse.com/locate/spe... ). Also, not all conditions may be treated with minimally invasive spine surgery, but it may be worth looking into. We hope this helps!