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Post surgery

Started by 2rachelj on 07/29/2017 4:38pm

Hi all I am 4 weeks post fusion T2 to L5.
Due to scoliosis my surgeon performed an anterior release then 10 days later a posterior fusion with titanium rods.
The surgery and recovery have been a lot more painful than i ever imagined.
I'm trying to reduce my pain medication but I'm really struggling.
I was discharged from the hospital on 60 mg oxycodone, I'm now down to 40 mg.
I am trying to walk as much as possible but am spending long periods of time Sat or laying down at home. I'm very weepy and think depressed.
Has anybody had similar done? Any ideas how long it will be before I can get back to my normal life? Go back to work?
Any advice appreciated.
Many thanks

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Hi, 2rachelj--thanks for your questions. We're sorry you're having a challenging recovery so far. We hear from lots of other people who express the same things. The pain after spine surgery can be excruciating--especially in those first few weeks. You're certainly not alone in what you're feeling.

Your body can take anywhere from a few months to upwards of a year to fully heal after spine surgery. We know this may be discouraging, but if you follow your doctor's postop instructions exactly, it will put you in the best position to experience the long-term benefits of your surgery.

Some pain is to be expected after spine surgery--you just had a major operation, after all. However, you know your body best. And you know when something just isn't right. Though you have some appointments scheduled to check on your surgery healing, you can call your doctor at any time if you feel like your pain level has gotten so extreme that it's beginning to affect you emotionally. You may need your pain medication for a while longer, and that's perfectly OK. Again, you just went through a major medical procedure. You deserve some time to heal and assistance with pain management.

We hope this information helps and wish you a smoother rest of your recovery!