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Opiates vs self-medicating

Started by 100002975245454... on 10/29/2017 2:02pm

I have spent the last 8 years learning & administering my pain protocols,coming 2 some very startling conclusions.I drastically changed my diet over the last year,now I am aware of what works 4 my physiology.Cherries(nanking{choke}cherries work,2so,if you have them in your yard,we are 4tunate enuf 2 have 2 shrubs,turmeric,1 tsp./day.Fresh ginger,1 tsp./day.Pineapple,grapefruit,beets are a super food.I found a plant,purslane,that I've been weeding & discarding 4 decades,turns out it's a super food,2!The value of this stuff is immeasurable.It was Ghandi's fave food.Exercise is also very key 2 wellness w/arthritis of any type.I am lucky enuf 2 have been afforded all sorts of bone issues,osteo & rheumatoid,kyphiosis,my spine has shrunk enuf that I am now experiencing worsening heart problems because of lack of soft tissue between discs.When some 1 tells me that they have 1 slipped disc,I just laugh & tell them my situation.Tunes & attitudes change rapidly when they hear my plight.I do yoga when the mood strikes,gotta go REAL slow now,yoga is beneficial because it strengthens your core muscles,thus taking a lot of pressure from the spine.Now,don't get me wrong,this is not a curwe all,merely a bandage 4 temp relief.I go 2 the local aquatic center 4 aqua-jog 2wice/week,relief lasts at best,a couple of hours.I'm not averse 2 stepping in2 the shower @ 3 am,it helps me 2 get 2 sleep.Now,opiates,on the other hand,are a totally different ball of wax.All the opiates seem 2 do is make me tense,which causes even more pain 'cause you're straining againdt it all the time.Relaxation,meditation,reading,even doing Xword puzzles is enuf 2 distract.Over the last 2 years I stopped using them,nasty withdrawals,& now the physicianI have( 5 on my case,now),has gone back 2 the opiates,morphine 20's & 30 mg amitriptyline @ bedtime,so I CAN sleep.I have degenerated 2 the point that I can barely move anymore w/out agonizing pain.Makes it difficult 2 breathe,sleep,eat,exercise,everything.R hip is now 100% bone on bone,toes & fingers beginning deformation process,I am in a world of shit,now.But,the most important things 2 remember are YOU HAVE THE POWER 2 feel better,alot of the things arthritis sufferers need are rite under our feet,& keep negative things away,you need a positive attitude above all else! spinelessinalbertaJustKeepSmilin':)JesusSaves!LoveIsTheKey P2

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Thank you for sharing your story with our Community--it will no doubt give others hope and perhaps inspire them to try some of the conservative therapies you've described in your post! For many, dietary changes, exercise, and doing everything you can to stay positive through the pain are amazing forces against chronic pain.

Again, thank you for sharing your story. We wish you the very best on your journey.