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SI joint problems

Started by GJM092586 on 02/18/2018 10:10am

Around the middle of January, I started having very bad low back pain. I live with chronic pain and have several conditions that affect me everyday so I'm used to pain, but this was a new kind of pain in an area that usually isn't affected that bad. I suspected it was my SI joint because when I had my injury, that joint was one of the places I hurt. I decided to get an injection in my SI joint. And looking back, it was one of the worst decisions of my life. The last 3 weeks or so, my lower back and into both buttocks have NEVER hurt this bad. I'm thinking that I really upset that joint and/or surrounding nerves. I have peripheral neuropathy in my left leg and now my right leg is hurting very bad. I am with a new pain management doctor who is the only/first person aside from my surgeon who understands my pain and is willing to help me out. Thank God for him. Has anyone had that procedure done? What did you experience? Did the same things happen to you? Any info would be great!

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Hello, GJM092586--we are so sorry to read about your experience after your SI joint injection.

While we don't have a story to share, we recently published a Q&A with a woman who suffered debilitating SI joint dysfunction. We think you will relate to her journey and may be interested in the therapies she explored to reduce her pain: ( Christy’s Journey with Sacroiliac Joint Pain ).

We hope her story helps, and we hope your new pain management doctor helps you find some relief!


Yes! I had it done at L4L5 and three days later it blown out and the pain was out of this world! Jumped in my truck went hospital that wasn’t a trauma center there was a PA percribed steroids walk out drove 15 mile to another hospital that was a trauma center done a mri see. The disk on L4L5 and I was admitted on a Friday and surgery on a Monday.Stay away from injection that’s a money maker $15 hundred bucks and they say they use this to find witch disk it is! I had 6 done in past 5 years and the spine doctor done a MRI and I was told by him they aren’t good to have done because of scaring from the needle and you can see the holes left behind on the MRI! Hope this helped! Suffer everyday with S1 nerve... Goodluck!