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Living with & in hell & agony...

Started by Randi Leimbach on 02/22/2018 10:05am

Hello y'all welcome to my world, As I read through dozens of issues on back problems I realized a lot of the back, spine, muscles etc. applied to my life but 1 thing I failed to find as possible causes was Physical Harm done to individuals {forgive me if I missed it}. From my first memories at age 2 through most of my life destructive physical abuse was a large part of it. I'm not saying the abuse is all of the issues but certainly a large part. When someone {i.e.} parent, siblings, spouses etc. inflict your body with beatings, kickings, stomping & numerous other types of mental, emotional & physical abuse the human body can only endure so much & as we grow older these abuses can & do come back with a vengeance. I want to also include accidents such as cars, falling etc. I have undergone so many epidurals & chiropractic care over the years for my neck, back & legs I've lost count. My 1st back surgery was in 7/2014 then another on 11/2016 . They were done to correct, fix, stabilize vertebrae issues etc. Both surgeries were done because the pain was beyond excruciating from my neck to my feet. After the 1st one was done 1 new issue appeared during the surgery it is Difficult Intubation. When I rec'd. this info we added it to this lengthy list of health issues & all doctors were notified. But after the most things seemed to be in a better state than before 2014 surgery life moved on until 7/2016, once again the pain was beyond belief. I asked my pain management to do an MRI but my request was ignored for 3 months. Finally the test was granted & as we suspected there was vertebrae issues & once again I was looking at surgery. On 11/2016 I underwent surgery again only when my surgeon opened up my back the issues became much much greater than was first thought. A 5/6 hour day turned into a 16 hour day because what they found was truly shocking for everyone. It seems somehow my left disc had become attached to my spinal cord!!! Well, well, well how the hell did this happen?? More to the point how could this problem been missed in the MRI?? SMH. So of course the disc had to be removed from my spine. Our disc are very thin & during the procedure my disc tore open & leaked spinal fluid into my body & brain!! NOT GOOD!! Fortunately for me I have a 1st rate surgeon, great at his job & a wonderful bedside manner. When they finally managed to get me to wake up 5+ hours had passed & I was certainly confused. At this point it was explained to me what had happened & 1 look at my husbands face told me this was a lot more serious than 1st thought. This procedure had to be done no doubt, but the urgency of this surgery & the outcome was of great concern because of having had rec'd brain surgery for 2 active Intracranial Aneurysms {that could not be removed because of location} adding to the disc issue they found & being torn the fluid issue was of major concern Well I'm still here telling y'all half of my life & health problems which is pretty remarkable that I'm still here HURRAH!!! Some months later I was informed that because of the spin & disc being as they were that by removing them from one another could have paralyzed me for life!! Surprise?? NO shocked is what it was but what I have learned over the years to not ask is "What next?" Why you may want to know?? Because here I am 15 months after my last spine surgery that it's a pretty good bet that I need another spine surgery. I"ve been told that if you have 1 spine surgery that there will be more to follow.... Hogwash.... should of never said that. I know there are folks out there with less or more spinal conditions & everyone has questions & a story this is mine. Good luck to y'all & if you have a question please go ahead & ask.... better to gain knowledge to protect yourself & family than to find out issues after the fact. Have a wonderful life, make it as good as you can ..... most importantly do it today for tomorrow may never come..... Randi ......

MGUS (monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance)
Wells' syndrome
Intracranial aneurysm x 2
Whiplash injury
Cervical spondylosis without myelopathy
Myogenic ptosis
Spinal stenosis in cervical region
Secondary osteoarthritis of multiple sites
Multiple joint pain
Radiculitis, lumbosacral
Spinal stenosis, lumbar
Erosive esophagitis
Thoracic neuritis
Difficult intubation
Migraine headache with aura
Restless leg syndrome
Lumbar post-laminectomy syndrome
Spinal stenosis of lumbar region without neurogenic claudication
Spinal stenosis, unspecified region other than cervical
Bilateral high frequency sensorineural hearing loss
GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)
Pancreatic cyst
Hoarseness of voice
Difficult intubation

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