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Herniation at T12/l1is there an artificial disk for this level?

Started by johnsbowen on 04/18/2018 3:57pm

Hello, brand new member to the spineuniverse. I had l3/l5 xlif fusion 9 weeks ago and it is doing well. However, my t12/l1 is now causing severe groin,thigh and testicle pain. I have never had pain in these areas before. Previous symptons were on the right side. MRI shows thecal and nerve root compression and spondylosis. The disk had been slipped for a long time,is calcified and wasn't causing problems so surgeon didn't want to mess with it when he did the others. Got 1st epidural steroid. The PM doctor was not optimistic that shots would be of much help. My joints at l1/l2 and l2/l3 read as normal. Has anybody had a joint replacement at t12/l1 or know if they are commonly done? My orthopedic spine surgeon doesn't do them and doesn't recommend one in this case. Thank you

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