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L5-S1 Nightmare

Started by mhaidar on 04/19/2018 11:41pm

Guys; I'm scared to death right now. I made an account just to post on here to ask for advice.

I, over the course of months had convinced myself that I wasn't "that bad" out of shape.

I am 5'8, 246 LBS, and 29.4% body fat. I am constantly using the computer and sitting down.

A few days ago, I enrolled at the gym and started lifting pretty heavy. I was doing deadlifts and squats.

Suddenly, I started getting nerve pain shoot through my left hamstring. I ignored it.

The next thing you know, today, my SPINE felt horrible. My lower back was extremely tight and miserable.

I decided to go to the spine specialist and was seen by a NP and a PA. I was told after X-RAYS that I have L5-S1 herniation. At the time, I had left arm/foot/leg tingling. They asked if I had numbness and I said no.

Strangely though, I was given a pamphlet of exercises to do and sent on my way with a muscle relaxer that I couldn't even pick up because the pharmacy is closed until tomorrow. However, I started getting left and right foot numbness. It got worse. I couldn't even get in or out of bed. My foot felt completely asleep. I started getting extreme aching in my left hip. I feel so strange. I cannot even bend my knees and when I walk, I walk like an old man. I feel extremely uncoordinated.

I'm extremely scared I'm paralyzed or will suffer permanent nerve damage and am going crazy and almost putting myself in a panic attack. I don't know whether or not I should rush myself to the ER. I have not had an MRI but want one ASAP cause I'm freaking out.

I don't know if this is time sensitive and if every second counts, my ass needs to go to the ER and not even be typing this. It's not really unbearable pain but I feel like I have no control over my legs and can't bend my knees back as I normally could.

I also feel like there's a herniation feeling in my back between the shoulder blades, however, the XRAY ruled that out.

I have no medical insurance and do everything out of pocket.

Guys help, I'm scared to death right now.

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Hi, so sorry to hear that you are going through this! If I were you, I would definitely go to the ER immediately!! This sounds way too serious to wait! Let us know what you find out! Best wishes


Hey Bonnie, thank you for commenting on the threat. This is what has happened since I last posted:

1) The same night I posted this, I went to the ER. As soon as they found out that I went to a Dr's office that specializes in orthopedic spine injuries, they stopped taking me serious. The whole reason why I went was because it got worse. (My initial post was after I had gone to the Dr.) At the ER, I was just given an NSAID injection and a muscle relaxer pill.
They refused to give me an MRI there.

2) This morning I went to a walk-in orthopedic clinic (a different one) to get an MRI. However, I was told since I didn't have a Dr. written note requesting permission for an MRI I wasn't eligible for one. I would have to get a note from any doctor, and then take it to them to get an MRI (and was told they couldn't even be certain that they'd give me the MRI next week or not even after I give them the slip). They wanted me to get another appointment, another X-RAY, then wait for an MRI. I told them that I already have an XRAY and they didn't care. Also, I was seen by the spine specialty office by a PA and NP, not even the specialist himself.

3) So I am basically at home, with nothing. The good news is that I just got insurance a couple of minutes ago that's effective tomorrow. I don't know how it'll help or if they'll even cover anything since I already have this issue, however, I'm pressing my luck.

4) The loss of function in my left hand has increased. The pinky finger and the next finger over don't really move well. Also, I have numbness in my feet that switch. Sometimes it's the left, and sometimes it's the right. The pain was really intense at the hip region this morning, and as of today, my right testicle (sorry to be visual) is becoming numb.

I'm freaking out because the Dr.'s offices in this city and even the ER's don't really care, unless you're dying. I'm going to see if I can get seen on Monday by the spine specialty office I first went to and see if I can get an MRI there. The reason they didn't do one for me the first time was not because they didn't want to but because I was paying out of pocket and did not have the cash to pay.

So yeah, I'm freaking out still and waiting to see if I can get seen on Monday. I just have to call and beg. I'm not sure I can even get a same day appointment, or an MRI.


Hi just read this and i have alot of the same symptoms right now minus the testical lol. Im female. But that is serious are you having problems with bladder or bowels if so go to er now. Its a very serious issue and they have to treat you immediately. If the doc denies treatment go above him ask for his boss. Or a surgion either neuro or ortho.


I can update everybody on what happened. I ended up going to a physical therapist who figured out my back wasn't the issue, it was my hips! They weren't working and were putting tons of pressure on my lower back. Within 10 minutes of him stretching me I was back to 95% recovery! I just thought I'd let you all know. Thanks so much for the help.


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