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Horrible pain an gets worse

Started by Tsbn74 on 04/29/2018 1:24pm

ey y'all I am 44 yep man an I am in HORRIBLE PAIN an I have no choice but suffer im in Central Wyoming an I have to drive 4 hrs every 56 days to see my so called pain management Dr for 10mins an drive home it's such vlsgur to do this to a person an not care at all an have for around 5 yrs an I take oxycontin for pain an I have been on the same amount I was 4 yrs ago an no matter wat I tell them that im much worse pain an they just tell me wat I take is all I can get for pain an I know there all scared to hand out pain meds but thats for people that just say they hurt I hav broken L-5 worked so never healed an my c-2 never fixed just live with it broken so not were spose to b an had two cervical c-3 to c-7 fusions an a lumbar fusion an think maybe I'm lying that I hurt? REALLY? veryone in world knows that ur tolerance an pain go up all the time so y would a Dr just blow u off an think I am good with wat I am on an its obviously not working an I dont have anyone else to see! Can anyone give me sum help I have tried to get them to listen I'm done everything that u can imagine for it I have a pain tolerance off the charts! Does anyone know wer I can go for pain management in Wyoming not many here an I need help now I broke my L-5 in 1999 bullriding got stomped an im sure u can imagin how bad that hurt an I have had many bull riding wrecks I never went to Dr I went to work next morning barely able walk an i never asked for any pain meds just worked thru it i was a residential framer I worked for a few yrs an i had accident in July 2003 I went to ER after i could stand up no ambulance drove myself it took a few mins an I got to ER an told them wat happened an they did X-ray an said I was fine just pulled muscle gave me a shot an sent me home I was ok for cupl hrs an I had to go back in they said was just a pulled muscle cuz I was walking barely but they said if it was broke I would not b walking well they were very very wrong an I had a 1yro an 2 6 yro kids an I had to pack them up 3 stoy apartment's an it hurt so bad I went in day after day an they just said take it easy an if u hav kids u know that's not even a option but i finally got to a family Dr after 14 days did CT scan an I broke my c-2 an x-ray wouldn't b easy to see it an it was a hangmans fracture an I went two weeks with it broken could hav died packing kids an I couldn't take it an they sent me to harborview hospital in Seattle an I sat in a bed all night an waited for an answer an Dr said it was already healing an wouldn't do surgery cuz have to rebreak it an could Kil or paralyzed me so hard collar 3 months anyways I lost my job couldn't pay rent so had moved my family back to Wyoming an I had find job an all I could do right away was on oil rig 4 months after broke my c-2 an it was horrible pain as u can imagine an all this with my L-5 still broken in half floating around pinching nerves an hurt so bad an got hit in back of head with a cable an it knocked me out cold an I got up went back to work an I finished shift an I couldn't use my arms hardly so drove home an saw Dr an he had to do Emergency surgery on my c-5 c-6 fused cuz broke my c-5 had surgery had hold off work again for 2 yrs before Dr release me to work an at this point most anyone would b in HORRIBLE PAIN I NEVER ONCE ASKED FOR PAIN MEDS I just went back to framing clinic an houses a school an then on father's day at lake an we were all playing on boat dock an jump into water there was a 1/2 inch lip at end under water line and I tripped on it an I supermaned into concrete filled steel pillar an It ripped top my head off to my skull no an I was drowning face down couldn't stand up an blood filled water skin bleeding to death for hr before ambulance got there an my kids sat for 1hr watching me bleeding an I shattered my c-4 into 7 pieces an blew all disks from c_3 to c-7 an I was paralyzed from neck to waist an I had surgery and well all still with my L-5 broken an I can't even begin to tell you how bad I hurt an I healed up an I got partial use of my arms I tried to go back work but I could only work a cupl weeks not trying to get out of working an get tons pain meds I tried I'm still very weak from it all i finally after 12 yrs in 2011 got my L-5 S-1 fused was spose to do L-4 but didn't said it b ok for a few yrs an I can't get it fixed yet my Dr said not to get surgery or hav it removed so i have to live in horrible pain an I can barely do shit my Dr thinks wat j take now is all I need for Paain i want anyone have my pain for one day an not want help I'm not asking to b a zombie just relief I would like to know if anyone has had any or all or more than I have an let me know wat u do iv done everyting u can imagine last 10 yrs I have to hide my pain best I can I use to drink to help an I haven't drank in over two yrs for pain I am gona have Togo back to ALCOHOL for pain cuz I can't get a Dr that cares an I don't have any choices an I need help NOW if anyone can help me as wat todoso I don't have to go back to alcohol iv Done pt an aquatic Therapy injections an I can't get anyone to care so I'm lost in pain an nower to go I hate to have drink to help but if this is best care I can get with Medicare an medicaid I will have to drink cuz I hav a quadraplegic father an my mom can't do much for him she is also disabled from internal issues there r lots family around here an I have two siblings an I'm only one will help them or he have to go nursing home an If I don't get help soon I b dead drunk or idk I don't want to b so MISSERABLE anymore all the time an it's just cuz Drs are afraid to cuz it's addictive wel for shit sakes I been in pain meds last10 yrs I'm addicted for Christ sakes so y make me suffer wen they could easily help me? but I won't let them he should b in his own home an I will as long as I can so can anyone HELP ME PLEASE I CANT DO IT ANYMORE ON WAT MY DR THINKS IS ENOUGH IM A 8-9 ON THER SO CALLED PAIN SCALE AN SAY ITS ALL THAT WILL HELP ANYWAYS ITS BULLSHIT AN KNOW THEY CAN JUST DON'T AN NOBODY WANTS TO HELP ME CAN ANYONE ELSE LET ME KNOW WAT TO DO BEFORE ITS TO LATE FOR ME ? PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME SUMHOW IDK HOW THIS SITE WORKS MY DURAT TIME ON HERE I WAS JUST HOPING I COULD FIND SOMEONE WILLING TO HELP ME JUST TO GET THRU A DAY!FOR ONCE AN NOT HURT LIKE I DO ITS JST NOT FAIR TO MAKR ME SUFFER FOR OTGERS LIES AN BULLSHIT IF I COULD WORK I WOULD IF I DISBT NEDD MEDS I WOULDNT BUT I HAV TO!

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