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Microdisectomy L5/S1

Started by talobx on 05/02/2018 6:50am

Hello everyone,
New to the forum. Have always had lower back pain but year ago went to pain mgmt and started steroid shots. MRI and CT scan showed herniated disc. First shot worked wonders but 2nd didnt touch it so doc skipped the 3rd and sent me home with “diet and exercise”. Only 53 yrs old.
Just two weeks ago after no injury or even exertion I started feeling severe pain down my right leg for two days where no position helped relieve same. Day 3 I was unable to sit or walk. Crawled all over the house, applying heating pad to thigh, back of knee, calf and foot. Literally crying in pain. Felt like charlie horse from buttocks to foot - constant pain.
Doc prescribed pain meds - didnt touch it. Went to ER wih higher dose meds but released. (Literarlly lying in trunk of my car bc I could not sit up) until finally by Monday back to ER and admiited.
Surgery for microdisectomy of the L5:S1 disc; severe hernation. Cleaned it off, and removed bone fragments from the pinched sciatica. Released from hospital after two days.
So it has been 3 days post op and at least am able to touch my toe to the floor without going to the moon but still on pain meds. The site is healing with not much pain but I am now feeling that nerve pain down right leg. Today worse than ever!
Followup with doc in two weeks but I am hoping this is ‘normal’ to feel this pain? It is def nerve pain and shooting down entire leg. I have read that nerves take a while to heal esp since they had been in there messing around with them. I of course keep thinking the worst - that something is once again pinching the sciatic nerve and they will have to go back in

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Hi, talobx--thanks for sharing your story with us. We are sorry to read about your nerve pain after surgery.

We understand that nerve pain does take longer to heal, like you said, but that doesn't mean you have to wait until your follow-up appointment to talk to your doctor about what you're experiencing. Our best advice is to call your doctor anytime you feel debilitating pain, nerve pain, or new symptoms after surgery.

Pain after surgery, to some degree, is normal. But trust your gut: If something isn't right, don't hesitate to call your doctor and get reassurance.