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Posted in: Back pain, and Scoliosis.

Spinal fusion problems

Started by Skye on 05/10/2018 5:26pm

I had my spine fused on the 16th of february die to scoliosis, i then had a whole load of problems through recovering and on my six week check up was taken straight back into theatre as my rods had gave way and bolts had come out. I am now 4 weeks 2nd post op and have got so many problems so i fear my body is rejecting the metal work and my doctors will want to remove everything. I have a lot of buring/tearing sensations on and around the inside of the incision and have a few areas which are too sore to touch as the bolts are underneath. Everytime i sneeze my back pops and legs ho numb and i have an are inbetween the bolts that is so so sore whenever i move or something even slightly touches it. I get very bad pain inbetween the shoulders asif they are being pulled on one side and something is digging into the other and my hip plays up constantly. Can anyone help me on what this is?

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