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Back pain after surgery

Started by dcraven1 on 05/28/2018 5:38pm

My wife had 2 ruptured disks in her lumbar and had surgery on it..the doctor told her b4 the surgery she would be good as new afterwards...so she gets into surgery and the doctor sees a couple of more problems...her nerves are wrapped around her spine like Ivy on a wall...then they found a bone spur lodged into one of her disc so they removed it as well...they had to cut the nerve endings and reattach them...now everyday her right leg stays numb and her back hurts worse than b4 the surgery...then after she went back to see him for a follow up he ordered a spinal fusion and she had it and was pain free for 2 days...i recommend no one getting it done bc my wife was very active b4 all of this and now nothing...she can't work bc she can't sit or stand for long or short periods...she has filed for disability but we all know how long that takes...any suggestions

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