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Herniated disk fusion surgery.

Started by Loriel45 on 06/06/2018 12:02pm

Hi everyone, I'm new to the discussion and I'm looking for ppl who share the same experiences that I have and I look forward to talking with y'all!! I had herniated disk surgery on c5 c6 in 2006 with cadavior bone used as replacement for the disk. They fused the disk together with titanium plate and 4 screws. For about the past 7 years or so when I lay flat on my back to try and sleep my throat closes and it wakes me up at night. My regular doctor says I have sleep apnea but with the surgery I'm wondering if that's the cause of my throat closing. The incision was in the front of my neck. In the past year or so I had another MRI and it showed I have 2 more herniated disk, one above the fusion and one below the fusion. I'm trying my best not to have another surgery on my neck but it's not looking like I'm gonna keep that from happening because of all the pain that I am Gavin's and it's getting a lot worse. I also have 2 herniated disk in my lower back (no surgery yet and hopefully not ever but ????), DDD, Spinal Stenosis, Scoliosis in the upper part of my spine and I'm not sure what all else they have told me. If anyone has experienced the closing of their throat let me know so we can compare our experiences ! Thanks guys

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