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Posted in: Back pain.

After Back Fusion Screws Rwmoved

Started by hurtback2006 on 07/22/2018 3:17pm

I just wanted to share my information for others that may be in pain 24-7 and nothing is taking the back pain away and you cant sleep. If after a year and still in alot of back pain speak to your doctor and ask if your screws can be removed. Many times after the bone has healed after a year you can have the screws removed. I have had 4 back surgeries starting with. L-3 L-4 to L-5 S-I joint. The. Screws had been the problems they were always poking me and couldnt get sleep. But onve the fusio. Is healed and doctors dont see problems they well take them out. It makes a huge difference in pain. Email me with any questions at hope92020@gmail.com. wishing everyone. Success

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